The story of my Cat and an Award!

I'm out and out an animal person and my most favoured pet is a dog. And I got my first dog, Tasha, just a few months back. People who have been following my blog for a while might know this about me already. But for those who are new to my blog and to my existing readers who have missed out on some of my earlier posts, here's a list of my earlier posts you might like to take a peek at:

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And all this is an evidence for how excited I was about my new pup. And in that excitement, I ignored my cat which has been around our family since 3 years now. I realised it only when someone mentioned my cat in her comment for my last post.  And I'm so thoroughly ashamed about this. Before Tasha came into my life, I come back from work to find him curled up on the sofa of the living room and I never went in my room before I said a "Hi" to him. I used to play with him every night. And used to take a lot of snaps of him and proudly display it on my blog and other sites where I got loads of appreciation for it. He was my top model. But ever since Tasha came home, he started acting like a recluse and the reason is nothing but jealousy. And I too did nothing about it. I simply dismissed his complaints seeking attention. Months passed by and now he has become very old and kind'a cranky because of his old age and I just realised that his days are numbered. The only attention that he gets from us is the three time square fish-meal everyday. Also, he stopped being at home. He goes out after every meal and returns only for his next. Rather sad, I know.

But what has been done has been done and he has become too old and wild to be tamed any more. And after a lot of thinking the only thing I could come up with as a compensation for my miss deed is to honour him with an Award in his name and give it out to all those bloggers who have a pic. of their feline pet on their blog and also to those who has written a poem, an essay or a fiction on cats or anything that belongs to the feline family. That way, though he will never be aware of it, I can honour him for the nice little thing that he was to my family.

There's a brief little story I want to tell you about Malu (that's his name) - My mom and sis found him when he accidentally jumped in front of my sis's scooter. They instantly took a liking for this abandoned little kitten and brought him home. To begin with, they thought it was a she-cat and hence named him Malu, which is a feminine name in my country (the first injustice done to him and I can't be more sorry about this). By the time we realised that ours was a male cat, the name had already got stuck to him and was impossible to change it. He was a puny, sickly cat when he was brought home but was very active and energetic and thus filled the life of my mom and sis with a lot of amusement and fun. At that time, I was living away from home and by the time I returned home, he was a 4 month old kitten, still small in size for his age. Nevertheless, he continued to amuse us all with his different feline antics. And we returned his love with feeding him with rich food like chocolates, butter cookies and of course his regular three-times-a-day fish-meals prepared exclusively for him. It was at those times that I had discovered my interest in photography and he proved to be an effective model for my photo shoot experiments. We had great times together. But ever since he became two years old, he started spending less time at home. Those typical male instincts for sex and new found pleasures kept him out of our home and we missed him a lot. He made a lot of friends and even had his good times with a couple of femme felines. But he always returned home for his meals. And then came the house shift and that made him feel very lonely and scared in his new surroundings. For the first few days he was home bound and shuddered at the calls of other neighbourhood cats. But he was lured to the outside world by a clever female who he tried to woo for a long time but never succeeded. He became heart broken and started becoming a loner, a brooder and a total recluse. He used to be away from home for days together trying to seek acceptance and love across boundaries, I guess. But I'm forced to believe that those attempts failed for he returned home all shattered and a total wreck with scars and deep cuts at every odd places on his body. But by that time, Tasha was home and that was a total blow to all his hopes. The rest is history...

Also let me take you through a few pics. of Malu in his growing up days -

And that's it. I can't take pics. of him any more 'coz I hardly see him around in my house.

Anyways... Here is the award to the millions and zillions of proud cat owners in the blogger's world. Please pass this on to all those who you think deserves it.

As in any other Awards, there are two rules to be followed here. Don't worry, you don't have to give this out to any specific number of people. This is simple -

1. Don't give it back to the person who gave you this award 'coz I don't want this award to be thrown around in between people.

2. Please mention the story of Malu when you're giving out this award 'coz making him popular in here is the soul purpose of this award. That's the honour I want to endow on him - that he's noticed by the world if not me and that his name will be remembered for a long time now.

* You needn't get this award to pass this on to others. Just grab it and give it to those deserving people.

To begin with I'm handing over this award to three people who comes to my mind immediately - 

3. Fireblossom for her poem - A Few Facts About Tigers


Brian Miller said…
cute cat and great story. my cat survived an aligator attack...and has the scars to prove it. lol.
staceyjwarner said…
a beautiful cat, i'm in love...
Unknown Mami said…
That is one cute boy cat with a girly name!
Joanna Jenkins said…
What a sweet looking cat! I especially love that last picture. Thanks for sharing.
Matthew said…
The cat's pretty cute. You two make a good couple because, even as a straight married guy, I have to say - you're pretty good looking yourself!

Ladies, am I right or am I right?
Shadow said…
you are very sweet...
Kaiserin Sisi said…
A cute cat indeed. In Malaysia, "Malu" means "Shy" :-)
Cathy Clementz said…
I especially liked the black and white photo. Nice shots. Pets are important "people" in a family. I enjoyed your story about she being a he...some friends found a cat and the little boy named him Ben...Ben had kittens later and they started calling Ben, Ben Her (as in Ben Hur)!
ADayInTheLife said…
Very nice shots. I am always in awe at how much and unconditionally our pets love us. I have a dog named Neko
which I wrote a rather interesting story on my blog. I also have a cat name pumpkin and she wears pearls instead of a cat collar. She is a princess! Your pictures and angles of photography are great.
Hey Ekan, your cat is a cuttie!!So adorable.
Great picks!!!
joanne May said…
Malu is beautiful and I think he is a Bengal cat because of his spots and light spotty tummy. I bet he has very soft fur as well!
The Bengal cat, is very intelligent and quick to learn things. I wrote a post about this breed a few months ago... They are very popular here in the Uk. They are related to the Asian Leopard, (a small wild cat).
Bengals are very sensitive to changes in their family or pack, especially if new animals are introduced. That is probably why he has sulked with you!
They do create very strong bonds with their owners. I would say, even though he is old and cranky now. Try to make friends with him again and encourage the bond. Give him lots of smooths and love, (even if he walks away at first) some play time (which Bengals need and also love) and give him a few cat treats as well. Just to show him you have not forgotten him. He might take a while to come round but I think it will be worth it and it is never too late. They are special and magical cats!
Love the pictures of him too. They show his true wild and fun spirit.
Best wishes.
::She Poet:: said…
I love cats. All animals really but give me cats any day. There's something mysterious about them yet wild at the same time. I will definitely check out the other links.
ER said…
A sweet tale, Ekan. Your photos have truly captured Malu's feline spirit. Delightful, and Malu's one beautiful moggy. Thank you for the Padfoot Award! :)
Secretia said…
That is a pretty cat, and it looks like a fighting tiger baby!

"Wow" should be it's name!

Meenakshi said…
reminds me of of all the cats I had and loved so much before I got my first dog... Since I was a kid back then, I don't even have pics of those dear darlings... Somehow the attachment to feline's went on a low after my mom brought home a persian cat, much after my frist dog Bruno came home, who turned out to be an outright tease. Would paw my Browny & run to Mom for protection with than distressed innocent look & mom kept putting Browny in chains.. :(

Your Malu is very sweet, and the pics have done full justice in bringing warmth for a cat, i don't even know personally... a scratch on the chin for Malu whenever you find him around on my behalf , pls.

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