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Past the 10k limit!

It so happens that I applied for job in my home town after putting in applications in many a companies in the bigger cities. I never expected to get that job. But as luck would have it, they called me for an interview and yes... You guessed it right - I got that job. I got my second lease of life as a Copy Writer with an Advertising Agency. I know where I went wrong in my previous job and I'm sure I'd not repeat it again. I'm gon'a put my heart and soul in this and I AM going to come up with copies better than ever. I've promised to give it my best shot! Whether I'm good or bad at it, I'm going to be a Cop Writer. I've chosen my career path and that's it!

Better even, for the first time ever I'm placed as a permanent employee and not as a trainee. The best part of the story is that I got a job which pays me more than Rs. 10,000! Oh! How I longed to cross that mark! I was sick of that figure and when was I putting in my applications for a new job …

This is ridiculuos!!!


I got my bike back!!!

Yes! I got my bike back from the cops. But the whole drama was nothing short of ridiculous. For the ones who are not familiar with the story, let me begin from the beginning - It was 10.30 on the cold December night, the 5th 2008 and I started my bike for a ride to Coimbatore, 400 km away from my home town to meet my friends. It was a much awaited trip and I started the ride with great enthusiasm and much fun to look forward to. I rode through the chilling night to reach Coimbatore by around 9 in the morning. No sooner than I entered the city limit, the traffic cops stopped me. They asked me for my licence and when I produced it they asked me for the relevant papers to prove that the bike was mine. It was only then I realized that I lost it on the way!

I still remember that wicked grin on the cop's face when I told him that I didn't have the papers with me. I tried my best to convince them about my situation but they wouldn't listen. They…

Thanks to the age old Ayurveda!!!

Now, now, don't get scared! That's my Ayurvedic face mask to treat the marks left by chickenpox. I must admit that it's really working wonders. In a month's time those marks declared by doctors as incurable have vanished to a great degree. Can't say that my face looks the same. But it sure has improved a lot! Also the texture and complexion of my facial skin has improved - I feel it to be more supple and healthy.

The treatment goes like this - Apply and retain the mask, which is Rosewood powder mixed in Nalpamarathi Oil (No idea what this is called in English) for an hour and wash it off. Apply Kumkumathi Lepam (Vermilion paste) once your face has dried. Do this before your night's sleep so that you wouldn't have to wash off the Vermilion paste. You can wash your face with a mild face-wash in the morning.

Special note:Nalpamarathi Oil is a wonder medicine for almost all your skin problems. It really does improve one's complexion when used on a regular ba…

"Selfish", "Unconcerned" and a "Goon"

Ye! Exactly. "Selfish" and "Unconcerned" are two new adjectives that people have found to describe me and "Goon" is my new designation.

All this started with me proposing to my best friend's sister. He's throughly against it and he made a big fuss over the whole thing. I thought he objected to the relationship because I was a penniless bastard. But no. He did call me a "bastard" though! But me being penniless is not his issue. It seems that I'm a very SELFISH and UNCONCERNED (also read as CARELESS) individual and that his sister would never be happy with me. Good enough! After all, he's a brother, right? But I'm hurt. So terribly hurt! I wonder what other things he would've talked about me at my back? And he was telling me that this relationship wouldn't work because his sister is too much of an emotional person for me to handle!

And the story behind me being a "Goon" goes like this - The same girl had a boy…

Cops, Bike and my loss!

Hm! Been away for a while now. And I doubt how much I can blog from now on. I'm planning to move to a new place with a new job and stuff. Not that I got a new job. I'm still on a job hunt. Things're not moving as I planned. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my motorcycle was ceased by the cops 'coz I didn't have the relevant papers to prove my ownership of the vehicle. The thing is that I lost it on my way on a long ride and the cops and officials are just having a good time screwing my happiness. I've been trying to get a duplicate of the papers from the authorities for about a month and odd. People are simply so unresponsive and heartless. My bike's at a police station about 400kms from my home and I've been traveling up and down almost every other weekend for a while now. I agree that driving my bike without the relevant papers was not right. But the attitude of the cops sucks big time. Each time I visit them, they ask me to produce some other docum…