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My very first blog post!

Now, that sounds funny, right? Actually I was made a part of a blog game by a dear blog friend, Nikita @ Infinite Emotions. The game is about re-posting your first blog and let the readers find out how far I have changed in person, in my thoughts etc. since my first post. Also I'll have to tag 5 of my blog friends and request them to carry forward the game. Sounds interesting.

Hm... First thing first. The five people I'd like to tag would be:

Steven Anthony @ No Excuse, No ExplanationBrian Miller @ WaystationoneBetty @ Cut and DryMeenakshi @ Banter BatteryToo Many Heart Beats @ Too Many Heart BeatsI chose these people in random. If anyone feels they have been ignored, I apologize.
Now, here's my first post:
Monday, June 29, 2009"Oh my..." It isn’t often that you walk into a place, look into a person’s eyes (just like that) and say "Oh my…". And yes that’s exactly what I said when I first saw her. Did I fall in love again? It seems like that and that’s what …

Surviving on a daily dose of ABBA

Life's getting difficult. Can't complain though. There's a real stress on the work front and that too for the most ridiculous reasons. Can't understand people taking on personalities in an official atmosphere. You can always say that someone didn't do his/her job to the level of satisfaction expected of him/her. But to call names? Now, that is thoroughly unprofessional, isn't it? And the only thing that keeps me sane is ABBA. They, I believe, are good company for a stressed out soul like me.

The good old peppy numbers like "Mama Mia...", "Money, Money, Money...", "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme..." keeps me not just sane but happy too. These are times when I realise the importance of music and pets in one's life. If not for Tash (my cute little she pup) and the songs that I keep listening to day in and day out, I wouldn't have been sitting here and keying in the words in this post but would have been in some mental asylum. And who else…

"... miles to go before I sleep; And miles to go before I sleep."

Ah! It's difficult to keep in touch with you all without the system at my home. Now, did I tell you that I sold my old computer? I guess not.

And yes. That's the latest update from me. Since the past couple of months, I got into this exercise of cutting short my expenses so as to save some money and payoff my debts that has been pending for a while now. So, as a first step, I sold my computer which means I no longer have to pay any internet bills. It wasn't an easy thing to do 'coz internet surfing, blogging and on-line games were the only entertainment for this recently friendless me. I felt as if a part of my daily life had vanished! Unlike I expected of me-self, I got over that feeling pretty soon. I thought of investing my time in reading and photography but in vain. My camera got damaged in a minor accident that I met with on my bike. Though nothing happened to me, my camera got severely damaged. I took it to a service centre and they gave a whooping estimate for …

Happy News! Happy-Happy News!!

I won a weekly Photography Contest conducted by The Hindu, a main line News Daily in my town. And here's the prize winning pic. titled 'Balancing Act'.


Ekan returns to Blogoshpere!

Ah! After a long, long time! Many of you might have forgotten me. But a special Thanks to Steven Anthony, Brian Miller, Betty, Meenakshi, Ocean Girl, Dean and Lena who even in my absence and irregular appearances, followed me through never the less. These people made me feel that I'm really missed in the wonderful Blogosphere. THANK YOU ALL, THANKS A LOT!!!

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last sat down to write about a few 'Truths" about "Me-self". My life has taken an entirely different curve. So much to tell you all...

Let me start with my job. Some of you might have read one of my previous posts wherein I talked about getting into a new Advertising Agency as a Copy Writer. My job's going well. I'm the one and only Copy Writer in this firm and I'm shocked at the amount of work I'm capable of handling. I did about 5 print ads, a few news letters and odd works at my previous company and I was doing a lousy job. And when it was …