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After a long, long while...

I have been away from blogging for a long, long while now. I'm not back here to stay either. My life has been a mix of god and bad, as it always was.

When, on one side, I've gone a good way up in my career (I'm currently working as the Sub Editor for a web 2.0 based media house), my personal life has not been an easy one. The issue is the same - love-relationship. I hate myself to have fallen for a girl again. No. Not because she's bad. In fact, she's an angel. She's one of the finest girl, I've ever come across - full of love and compassion. But there lies the problem too. Her family thinks I'm a man with no morals or a character. This society that I'm living in, takes me for a loose, unreliable individual. And all this because I had a past relationship with a girl in which, I made a lot of mistakes and also because of my general attitude towards the norms and double-standard belief of the people around.

I mean, I react when parents keep two separa…

Happy News, Happy-Happy News!!

As I've told you earlier, I got into a website as a Sub Editor. I joined on the 1st of June. 3 days into my new job and I've two of my stories up in the site. Isn't this a moment to rejoice? To get published was a dream that I've been cherishing since a long, long time. And it's happening now.

I request you to pay a visit to our site and get back to me with your valuable feed backs. The link to the site is -

Also, the links to my stories are -

A Boat Club With A Difference -


The Age Of The Screenagers -

There are more interesting stuff in our site for people who would like to know more about my city - Trivandrum.

Do visit the site, friends.

A few handi-works

When I was still in school, I had a great liking for handicrafts. It used to be my favourite pass-time to make different stuff which are not more than a decorative piece or at times, something that serves a purpose. For some reason I didn't continue doing it. But when 'she' heard about this from me, she encouraged me, persuaded me and even forced me to try my hand at a forgotten art that I used to follow so religiously almost 12 years back. With much reluctance, as I was not sure whether I still remembered how to do all that, I agreed to try making some stuff. I couldn't start off immediately as I was not too confident with my hands anymore when it comes to subtle creations. But her persistence got the better of my reluctance and I sat down to make a wall hanging for her.

Now this is a simple thing to make with a couple of sticks and woolen yarn! Tell me, how it is?
This is the first one I made for a trial.

I got the hang of it and made this one for my girl.

But I couldn&#…

My dear girl, Tasha

I took a few pics. of my lovely little girl. Tell me, isn't she cute?
"Aye-ye Commander!!!"
"Come on girl, let's go out and play. But where's your toy? Think Granny's hiding it."
"Don't worry. I'll get it from her."
"Ah! I'll murder this too."
"Ok. Now, what shall I do with this?"
"Just sit there and pose for a good snap."
" Hm... Ok!"
"Good. Now, let me get a close up of you."
"How close do you want to get?"
"And here's one more for you. Make that a good one, ok?"
"OMG! Just go away... Leave me alone. Can't you see how tired I'm?"

Best Blog Buddy Award

I always complain that virtual friends are not just enough to sustain a social life. While I might be true in what I say, I must confess that it's only my virtual friends that I met in Blogosphere who were a reason that I'm still sane. My life, as I observe, has been a roller-coaster ride so far. The most unexpected things happen at the most unexpected time. I get a job I've been dreaming of one day and the next day the word goes around that I'm a mother f#{k@r. Sometimes, I find it too difficult to keep pace with the events in my life. Sometimes it's too tiring and all I want to do is just shrug off everything, take a break and go on a bike ride to free my spirit. And I've been writing about all these in my various blogs. If not for the Blogosphere, I would've continued feeling unwanted, unheard and hurt when some of the most important people in my life turned against me, when my friends deserted me over the most unreasonable things.

Here, I've found ne…

Uh... Uh!!!

I feel like a soldier in the war front but without any armour or a good weapon. And the people standing against me are not strictly my enemies. They're all just the victims of a ridiculous fate. Misunderstandings, suspicions... And all this while I was not even aware of what exactly I was betting against. All of a sudden, I saw people turning against me and spreading tales about me. And some of the tales were... Uh! Can't comprehend with all that's happening around me. I wouldn't have given it all a tither only if... Uh! Uh! Not that I can do anything about it now. But I'm going to loose my dear love for things I never did. Fate or whatever, this is not just or fair. I feel like a naive kid sitting and complaining like this. But what else can I do? Not that I can't react. But my age, my experiences and all have taught me that reacting or being aggressive is all the work of a weak mind. And I've grown stronger through the years. But there are times I curse m…

Sunday Syndrome

Sundays are always different, isn't it? I mean, have you felt it that way? We may have been home bound on other days too. But Sundays are always different - they're laid back. People wakeup late. It's like even the inanimate things in your house like your writing desk, the flowers outside your window and even your bathroom knows this! I got up today morning to find the plants outside my window drenched in yesterday night's rain, all looking sleepy. Mind you, the time was half past 8.
Then it was my bike. It wouldn't start at the first stroke of the kicker. And even after it got started, it started grumbling that I give it no rest! Surprisingly I found even my watch lagging behind in time. Now, can you believe that? I thought the battery had gone weak but not. I corrected the time and it's running alright now. I mean, I'm surprised at this whole thing!
I stepped into my bathroom to brush my teeth but the water wouldn't flow out of the tap before some gurgl…

Good News! Good News!!

A second job half way through 2010 and with a slight increase in the salary too! But that's not the point here. I'm going to be the Sub Editor of a website! Now, isn't that wonderful? It is. It indeed is!!!

The story goes that once when I was returning home from my office, I happened to meet an old acquaintance of mine. Just as we were having a casual conversation I asked where she was working and she said she's working as a reporter in A reporter for a website? Now, that sounded intriguing and I checked the site. She was right and she had written a lot of articles and even maintains a column in the site. I got interested and send in my resume to the site for the post of a Sub Editor. As luck would have it, they were in the look out for an experienced hand to look after the editorial section. Can't say I'm an expert in editing. But my experience as a Copy Editor and Copy Writer counts, right? The rest is history...

I'd be joining my new job on t…

Giant Dogs!!!

Many of you might be aware of my interest in dogs. While surfing the internet the day before, I happened to stumble up on an article talking about the Giant Dog Breeds. I got interested and searched the net for more information. The results were fascinating. Until now, I was under the impression that the St. Bernard was the biggest dog breed. But I was wrong. The St. indeed is a massive breed but there are tough competitors for the laid back one. No wonder he always has that 'sad' look on his face!

Just for information - The world's heaviest and largest dog in known history is claimed to be a Saint Bernard named Benedictine, which measured 9 ft in length and weighed 162 kg (357 lbs), although an 1895 New York Times report mentions a St. Bernard named Major F. who was longer. Benedictine surpassed Zorba, the largest English mastiff on record, in both length and weight. Zorba measured 8 feet, 3 inches long and weighed 343 lb. - Courtesy: Wikipedia

Tallest Dog on the Planet!!…

Seeking your attention...

As some of you might have noticed, I'm not very regular in the Blogosphere as I used to be. But that's not true. I may not be doing a daily post. But I do keep my blogs updated. I maintain a series of blogs and when I'm not attending to this blog, I might be updating one of my other blogs. Hence I've never been out of circulation, per say! If you have found this blog interesting, my other blogs are equally interesting as well. As I said, I maintain a series of blogs viz. 7 (including this one) as listed below. I'd request you to visit my other blogs too (ie. if you're interested!).

I'll list out my other blogs below with a brief of what you'd find in there:

1. Creative Writing - I first started experimenting with creative writing back in 1998 when I was still in school. I didn't give it much attention to it then. Neither did anyone else. What was so much in me came out when I was doing the first year of Engineering degree which, I discontinued half w…

My new Short Story

I've been trying to write a story based on a small event in my life. Can't say it's any event. Rather a little observation that I made when I was travelling in a bus. It happened back in the early 2007 and since then I've been trying to weave a story around it. I found an old man sitting near me in the bus doing something very odd (it appeared "odd" to me then!). Since then I've been thinking how I can make a story out of it. And after 3 years I knew what to write.

So here it is:

Old Man's Glasses(Click on the title/link)

My very first blog post!

Now, that sounds funny, right? Actually I was made a part of a blog game by a dear blog friend, Nikita @ Infinite Emotions. The game is about re-posting your first blog and let the readers find out how far I have changed in person, in my thoughts etc. since my first post. Also I'll have to tag 5 of my blog friends and request them to carry forward the game. Sounds interesting.

Hm... First thing first. The five people I'd like to tag would be:

Steven Anthony @ No Excuse, No ExplanationBrian Miller @ WaystationoneBetty @ Cut and DryMeenakshi @ Banter BatteryToo Many Heart Beats @ Too Many Heart BeatsI chose these people in random. If anyone feels they have been ignored, I apologize.
Now, here's my first post:
Monday, June 29, 2009"Oh my..." It isn’t often that you walk into a place, look into a person’s eyes (just like that) and say "Oh my…". And yes that’s exactly what I said when I first saw her. Did I fall in love again? It seems like that and that’s what …

Surviving on a daily dose of ABBA

Life's getting difficult. Can't complain though. There's a real stress on the work front and that too for the most ridiculous reasons. Can't understand people taking on personalities in an official atmosphere. You can always say that someone didn't do his/her job to the level of satisfaction expected of him/her. But to call names? Now, that is thoroughly unprofessional, isn't it? And the only thing that keeps me sane is ABBA. They, I believe, are good company for a stressed out soul like me.

The good old peppy numbers like "Mama Mia...", "Money, Money, Money...", "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme..." keeps me not just sane but happy too. These are times when I realise the importance of music and pets in one's life. If not for Tash (my cute little she pup) and the songs that I keep listening to day in and day out, I wouldn't have been sitting here and keying in the words in this post but would have been in some mental asylum. And who else…

"... miles to go before I sleep; And miles to go before I sleep."

Ah! It's difficult to keep in touch with you all without the system at my home. Now, did I tell you that I sold my old computer? I guess not.

And yes. That's the latest update from me. Since the past couple of months, I got into this exercise of cutting short my expenses so as to save some money and payoff my debts that has been pending for a while now. So, as a first step, I sold my computer which means I no longer have to pay any internet bills. It wasn't an easy thing to do 'coz internet surfing, blogging and on-line games were the only entertainment for this recently friendless me. I felt as if a part of my daily life had vanished! Unlike I expected of me-self, I got over that feeling pretty soon. I thought of investing my time in reading and photography but in vain. My camera got damaged in a minor accident that I met with on my bike. Though nothing happened to me, my camera got severely damaged. I took it to a service centre and they gave a whooping estimate for …

Happy News! Happy-Happy News!!

I won a weekly Photography Contest conducted by The Hindu, a main line News Daily in my town. And here's the prize winning pic. titled 'Balancing Act'.


Ekan returns to Blogoshpere!

Ah! After a long, long time! Many of you might have forgotten me. But a special Thanks to Steven Anthony, Brian Miller, Betty, Meenakshi, Ocean Girl, Dean and Lena who even in my absence and irregular appearances, followed me through never the less. These people made me feel that I'm really missed in the wonderful Blogosphere. THANK YOU ALL, THANKS A LOT!!!

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last sat down to write about a few 'Truths" about "Me-self". My life has taken an entirely different curve. So much to tell you all...

Let me start with my job. Some of you might have read one of my previous posts wherein I talked about getting into a new Advertising Agency as a Copy Writer. My job's going well. I'm the one and only Copy Writer in this firm and I'm shocked at the amount of work I'm capable of handling. I did about 5 print ads, a few news letters and odd works at my previous company and I was doing a lousy job. And when it was …

New Blog Introduced

Hi everyone,

Some of you might be aware of the fact that I've been working as a Copy Writer with Advertising Agencies for a while now. I've now started a new blog cataloging all the creative works I've done so far. I seek your attention to that blog and request you to leave your valuable comments there. Your comments and criticisms will go a long way in making me better in my job.

Click on the following for the link to my new blog -Creative Catalogue

I'd love you as much as I love some sleep!

I'm typing this sitting in my office. Am I allowed to? Not exactly. But I can do it if I don't have any other work to do. But, do I have any other work to do? Yes, of course. A branding assignment for a car-audio accessory shop is hanging heavy over my head. But I'm not able to concentrate. And why? 'coz my head is feeling too heavy and there is flame in my eyes and I'm longing for that deep, dreamless sleep.

Ye! It goes like this. Yesterday was Mahashivrathri (I'll talk about it in my other blog - Myths, Tales & More), a Hindu festival and you need to (not mandatory, though) stay awake the whole night and can welcome sleep only after the first star makes an appearance on the indigo sky. Me-self, along with a couple of my cousins and an uncle went on a tour of many Shiva temples in and around my city. We started driving at 8 p.m yesterday and returned home at 6 a.m today morning. Staying awake on the move was not a tough thing for me. But once I returned to…

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I marked the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost (American Poet, 1874-1963)
I think I first came across this poem when I was in 8th or 9th standard in school. I remember going back home and reading it again and again, trying to figure out the things written between the lines of this poem. I was a…

Past the 10k limit!

It so happens that I applied for job in my home town after putting in applications in many a companies in the bigger cities. I never expected to get that job. But as luck would have it, they called me for an interview and yes... You guessed it right - I got that job. I got my second lease of life as a Copy Writer with an Advertising Agency. I know where I went wrong in my previous job and I'm sure I'd not repeat it again. I'm gon'a put my heart and soul in this and I AM going to come up with copies better than ever. I've promised to give it my best shot! Whether I'm good or bad at it, I'm going to be a Cop Writer. I've chosen my career path and that's it!

Better even, for the first time ever I'm placed as a permanent employee and not as a trainee. The best part of the story is that I got a job which pays me more than Rs. 10,000! Oh! How I longed to cross that mark! I was sick of that figure and when was I putting in my applications for a new job …

This is ridiculuos!!!


I got my bike back!!!

Yes! I got my bike back from the cops. But the whole drama was nothing short of ridiculous. For the ones who are not familiar with the story, let me begin from the beginning - It was 10.30 on the cold December night, the 5th 2008 and I started my bike for a ride to Coimbatore, 400 km away from my home town to meet my friends. It was a much awaited trip and I started the ride with great enthusiasm and much fun to look forward to. I rode through the chilling night to reach Coimbatore by around 9 in the morning. No sooner than I entered the city limit, the traffic cops stopped me. They asked me for my licence and when I produced it they asked me for the relevant papers to prove that the bike was mine. It was only then I realized that I lost it on the way!

I still remember that wicked grin on the cop's face when I told him that I didn't have the papers with me. I tried my best to convince them about my situation but they wouldn't listen. They…

Thanks to the age old Ayurveda!!!

Now, now, don't get scared! That's my Ayurvedic face mask to treat the marks left by chickenpox. I must admit that it's really working wonders. In a month's time those marks declared by doctors as incurable have vanished to a great degree. Can't say that my face looks the same. But it sure has improved a lot! Also the texture and complexion of my facial skin has improved - I feel it to be more supple and healthy.

The treatment goes like this - Apply and retain the mask, which is Rosewood powder mixed in Nalpamarathi Oil (No idea what this is called in English) for an hour and wash it off. Apply Kumkumathi Lepam (Vermilion paste) once your face has dried. Do this before your night's sleep so that you wouldn't have to wash off the Vermilion paste. You can wash your face with a mild face-wash in the morning.

Special note:Nalpamarathi Oil is a wonder medicine for almost all your skin problems. It really does improve one's complexion when used on a regular ba…

"Selfish", "Unconcerned" and a "Goon"

Ye! Exactly. "Selfish" and "Unconcerned" are two new adjectives that people have found to describe me and "Goon" is my new designation.

All this started with me proposing to my best friend's sister. He's throughly against it and he made a big fuss over the whole thing. I thought he objected to the relationship because I was a penniless bastard. But no. He did call me a "bastard" though! But me being penniless is not his issue. It seems that I'm a very SELFISH and UNCONCERNED (also read as CARELESS) individual and that his sister would never be happy with me. Good enough! After all, he's a brother, right? But I'm hurt. So terribly hurt! I wonder what other things he would've talked about me at my back? And he was telling me that this relationship wouldn't work because his sister is too much of an emotional person for me to handle!

And the story behind me being a "Goon" goes like this - The same girl had a boy…

Cops, Bike and my loss!

Hm! Been away for a while now. And I doubt how much I can blog from now on. I'm planning to move to a new place with a new job and stuff. Not that I got a new job. I'm still on a job hunt. Things're not moving as I planned. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my motorcycle was ceased by the cops 'coz I didn't have the relevant papers to prove my ownership of the vehicle. The thing is that I lost it on my way on a long ride and the cops and officials are just having a good time screwing my happiness. I've been trying to get a duplicate of the papers from the authorities for about a month and odd. People are simply so unresponsive and heartless. My bike's at a police station about 400kms from my home and I've been traveling up and down almost every other weekend for a while now. I agree that driving my bike without the relevant papers was not right. But the attitude of the cops sucks big time. Each time I visit them, they ask me to produce some other docum…