After a long, long while...

Happy News, Happy-Happy News!!

A few handi-works

My dear girl, Tasha

Best Blog Buddy Award

Uh... Uh!!!

Sunday Syndrome

Good News! Good News!!

Giant Dogs!!!

Seeking your attention...

My new Short Story

My very first blog post!

Surviving on a daily dose of ABBA

"... miles to go before I sleep; And miles to go before I sleep."

Happy News! Happy-Happy News!!

Ekan returns to Blogoshpere!

New Blog Introduced

I'd love you as much as I love some sleep!

The Road Not Taken

Past the 10k limit!

This is ridiculuos!!!

Thanks to the age old Ayurveda!!!

"Selfish", "Unconcerned" and a "Goon"

Cops, Bike and my loss!