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Change but how?

Never have I felt so down and insulted.Someone who doesn't even know how tags in a web post works is my senior and she has had a distaste for me from the beginning.Honestly, touching my heart, I can say that I've done nothing or spoken nothing to offend her till date.My only mistake - Unlike others, I behave a little aloof and I don't mingle much. I do take French leaves at office but whenever I'm there, I behave most professionally.I used to be very friendly with my seniors in my past job but I had to pay the price for it, even with my job.Now, I just go to office, do what's assigned to me, extend my time there if there's a need and then retreat to myself after office.Where am I going wrong?Why am I getting stuck with the wrong kind of people always?Something in me tells me that I need a drastic change but I can't figure out what about me that needs to be changed.But I know this one thing for sure that if that change is made, I'd be much happier, healt…