OMG! I've sinned!

This is my real life incident of how a dog, my good friend, managed to make me break my vrith (keeping oneself away from rajogunas like alcohol, non vegetarian, cigarettes, sex etc. for a definite time period; usually done as a religious ritual).

To begin with, I was getting bored with the routine activities and was thinking of making a difference in my life. And I didn't have to think twice before taking this vrith when someone in my office told me about it. And so I went to a temple, did all the pujas and started my vrith. I need to confess that it got broken the next day when I lit up a cigarette out of sheer desperation. Yet I managed to keep myself away from the rest, no matter how difficult it was.

Today I went to a tea stall that I occasionally visit because the shop keeper served me food and tea for no charge once when I was penniless. There's one more reason for me to visit that shop every now and then. I happened to befriend a dog there which happens to be a very friendly one. I use to buy him (it is a 'he' dog. I know I should've said 'it' but I prefer to call 'it', 'him') biscuits every time I meet him there. And suddenly my friend disappeared for nearly two months only to reappear today. I was over joyed to see him again and it was the same with him too. He came running to me, wagging his tail and in fine spirits. But this time around the shop ran out of biscuits. Since I didn't want to disappoint him I ordered for an egg omelet.

Nearly five minutes ticked by and there came the hot yummy omelet served on a plate. I sat down on an upturned rock near the shop and began to feed him. I realized that I nearly forgot the joy of feeding him. And he too was quite happy. He kept looking into the plate after gulping down every bit of omelet. It all went fine. The both of us shared a really good time and after kissing him goodbye, I started back to my home. I was smiling from ear to ear, I should say, out of joy. But that was all short lived. I suddenly recalled (as if in a black and white flash back shot in a movie) relishing on a bit of egg that I brought for my friend. Shock! Disgrace!! Disappointment!!! And then silence...

How careless was I? How could this happen when I had all the control when I was having dinner with my friend yesterday and he tried his very best to make me take a sip of beer and share the deep-fry beef that he was having? What has my #@#! come to?

OMG! I've sinned!!!!


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