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I miss her whose name starts with an A and ends with an A!

I'm the old self again - lovelorn, lost and lonely.

I've had two serious break-ups in the past decade and at-least half a dozen love interests in between which were never requited but I'm strangely reminded of one of them tonight.

Her name starts with A and ends with A and has an I and an N in between the five-letter word that her name is. She is that person that one of my friends, maybe not very sincerely but just out of her very clueless thoughts of life, set me up with.

Honestly, I was a very desperate guy-in-need-of-a-girl type then and I fell for it.

My friend asked me to meet them both at the film-festival that was happening then (I guess, it was 2011 IFFK) and I readily agreed.

I did meet this girl whose name starts with A and ends with A and I did find her to be attractive too. But I was never a guy of charm and I guess, I flopped in and out in front of her.

I was dejected but I left it at that to live my own life of drinks and cigarettes and lonely nights.

Of cou…