Caught in an enchantment!

Oh! This is unbelievable. 3 days back I stumbled upon a piece of music in Joanne May's blog. It was the video of a live performance by Loreena McKennitt. And... And... I've been listening to her songs ever since then! I simply can't get the music out of my head. Her enchanting voice and the utter magic of Celtic music has caught me in a spell!

I'm unable to think about anything else; unable to concentrate on my work; unable to do just anything. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!! My ears are always plugged and with the music playing inside my head. Oh! The rumbling timbrels, the haunting pipes, the mournful violin, the harp, the tabala... The experience is just haunting and so enchanting! And Loreena... Oh! She just sounds like an enchantress invoking a 1000 ghosts from their graves with her songs...

Besides all this I observe an uncanny similarity between Celtic music and Indian Hindustani music. But as I realize it now, though the Hindustani music is pursued largely in India, it was brought to this land by the Persians and the Moughals and later on got stylised to suit the musical taste of the land. And I see Celtic music as either the original and authentic mix of Hindustani and the folk song of the Celtic region or as a contemporary fusion of the two, which is the case with Loreena's. Any which ways, I'm so thoroughly enchanted by Loreena and her gang of musicians!

Writing a post was not enough and so I went ahead and wrote something like a poem - The Celtic Enchantress. Interested people can just click on the title and you'll be taken to the poem.

And here's the song that enchanted me:

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