Taking a short non-commercial break

Dear all,

I'm taking a short non-commercial break for a few days from blogging. I may not be able to post on a regular basis or visit your blogs. No. I've got no brain tumour or anything and I'm not being rushed to the hospital. Neither am I leaving you all to go for a honeymoon to Mauritius so un-announced. I've two major things coming my way this week and I need to put in my maximum effort in there.

1. My Creative Director said he'd review me on all the work that I've done do far. And that means I might be confirmed and given a pay-hike this month. It also means, he's going to screw my happiness and say I'm not creative enough or worse even, worthy enough to continue working, which in other words means, I'll have to continue as a trainee Copy Writer for another few months. My knees are going weak and I feel a lump in my throat. Am I falling sick?

2. This is something more important - I've been contemplating on raising a social issue to the attention of the media (I'm sorry I can't reveal what it is). Couldn't decide how I should go about doing it. A couple of my friends who are in the media said they're interested and would be willing to help me out. A lot of data mining and research work need to be done on that. So, I'd need to spend as much of my time as possible on this one.

Hope things go well. I'd need all your prayers and well wishes.

Mean while I'd request your attention to my other blogs viz.

Ekan leanrs to sing... (A blog where I regularly post songs sung by me-self)
Just Gibberish (A blog where I've posted some of my creative writings like poems and short stories)
Shutterbug clicking away... (Where I've posted my experiments in photography)
Where the roads take me... (Where I've posted travel writings on my various bike trips)

I'll be posting in my music and photo blogs every now and then 'coz that doesn't take me much time to do it. Also, I'll be dropping in your blogs every now and then.

I'd be more than happy to see you in my other blogs too.

Yours truly,

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