OMG! I have PMS???

First of all, let me apologise for disappearing without any announcements. No. It was not my engagement or honeymoon. My internet connectivity was having her PMS or something, I guess, throwing tantrums and going on occasional mood trips and finally she shut down for good. And I think I don't have to tell you (women) more about how it is when you go through a PMS period, do I? Well, even if I had to, I wouldn't be able to 'coz I'm a guy and never had experienced such a thing in my 26 long years in this world. But someone has a different opinion!

Guess, what? I was having a mailing session with a fellow blogger and after the customary "Hi! How are you?" mails, we got into a bit of personal details of our life. It's amazing how I'm making friends easily now-a days considering the very serious and faking-maturity-kind of a person that I used to be. Ever since I started blogging seriously since June of this year, I've made at least 3 or 4 friends with whom I feel all at ease with. And I me-self noticed the difference in my interaction with strangers - I've become easily approachable and someone who can maintain a light veined conversation. Better even, I can understand a joke and can even crack a couple of them at times! Again, thanks to my break-up. I'm sorry I have to mention this every now and then. It's useless to deny the importance of that event and the person involved in my life. I mean, good or bad, it has made me what I'm today and frankly, I don't find me-self any worse than before. In fact, the responses that I'm getting from both outside and my inner voice tells me that I've become a better person.

Anyways... That's not what I was talking about, were I? But what was I talking about? Let me think... hmmm... (scratching my chin and at times by butt 'coz the blisters of chickenpox has started to dry off and it's still bothering me at some of the odd geographies of my body). Ah! Ye! My blogger friend, PMS...

Ok. We were getting into bit of private talks and she told me she is suffering from Sinusitis. Later that day I had a chat with one of my friends who's a doctor and discussed her with him. He suggested certain medications and I carried his message for her in the next mail. But since I was going through rather an emotional phase 'coz of a mail from my lost-love, I also said I've not been keeping well emotionally since a few days. She asked me what was bothering me but I dismissed it. Not 'coz I was any reluctant to discuss about it with her. No. Definitely not. In the very few mails that we send across, our friendship had taken a rather good turn. It was like we were just waiting to get introduced to each other. But I've taken this oath not to talk about that break-up or anything that happened until and unless the situation demands so. Besides, it's nothing exciting or amusing to talk about, is it?

I'm again going on a tangent here... Let me get back to my original topic. Hmmm... Yes! I told her I was going through an emotional phase since the last few days and there she sends a mail back in response asking me to take the PMS out of my system! Now, as I told you, I'm not someone too bright with wits and I'm only learning the trade now. I got a bit confused with her response. I suspected she took me for a girl and so I send her a mail back explaining that I'm a guy! Excerpts from my mail - "I'm very much a guy, 26 year old, a bachelor, a bit weird by other's standards, smokes, drinks very occasionally and in the look out for a possible match in a girl ('coz I'm no gay)!". I know, that sounds funny (See what I told you that I'm just learning the tricks of delivering wits).

And I went on to explain why I have mood swings. It's 'coz my zodiac sign is Cancer and I seems do full justice to the characteristics of a Cancer - emotional, sensitive, unpredictable mood swings etc. etc. etc. But associating this with PMS was something very new and amusing too!

I always had and still has this secret wish (no longer a secret now) to transform into a girl and live a few months with all the PMS, the guys ogling at me and even swap pregnancy with my girl (if and when I have one). I've two intentions behind this wish. One is to experience it me-self what it takes to be a woman in this world and the second one is to save my girl of the pain of pregnancy for I've heard 95% of the women crying and complaining about these two things that they have to undergo in their lives. Now, I know this is my, and would remain a, fancy of the most weird kind.

And, that's all about me-self having PMS. Did you expect to read something more amusing? I'm sorry to've disappointed you.

Another thing that happened in this last few days was that my dear little girl, Tasha has developed a new fondness for banana peels and hunts for one whenever I take her out for a walk. Also, as if that's not enough, she chewed up my mobile phone! The display of it has gone for a toss but it still works otherwise. At least, I can still listen to all those lovely melodies that I've stored in it.

Also take a look at what I made for Tasha (I got that pic. from Google images) - 

Now, this is hanging at the gate of my compound. Nothing much to brag about. This is a simple photoshop work. Nevertheless I'd like to know what you feel about it.


Cathy Clementz said…
This was a very enjoyable post and I can see you are catching on to the wit expressed by others from different parts of the world. Humor can vary from state to state in America! What we Yoopers find as hilarious, some one from Lower Michigan might not get it at all!!!

Good luck with your internet service, THAT can be a REAL bitch!!
That is really amusing!
I love your writing style.
Love the caption, too.
Have a wonderful time:)
::She Poet:: said…
I've never in my life heard a man say he wanted to be a woman to experience the pain of labor and PMS. Be careful what you wish for :) But men have their own PMS I suppose. Enjoyed your post and the graphic!

Have a blessed week.
Chief said…
Wow, we both talked about friends today! and I love the photoshop of Tasha
Meenakshi said…
lol. agree with she poet. never heard a guy say so.

Though the new board hanging in front of your house is a simple work on Photoshop,it's brilliant because:
* it's different from the "Beware of Dog"
*If Tasha could read, she would be proud and flattered to see it.
*It's simplicity and the clear message is brilliant.
staceyjwarner said…
Ha! Your post made me laugh because I find that I'm a bit more witty since I've started, commenting and being a part of the community...we seem to follow all the same blog so I thought I'd say hi and follow yours...

stop by for a visit sometime...
Dulce said…
Hey Thank you for coming by! Your award got to me. Nothing is casual. See you sooooon. I love your blog(S)
joanne May said…
I found your post very interesting, as I'm also a Cancer the crab and I can get very crabby at times!;)
Maybe this is because we are creative and sensitive souls (I'm an illustrator) and we need some kind of creative outlet for our emotions. I try to meditate in the mornings, just to keep those emotions in balance.
Good to find your blog. I have just noticed you have a ginger Bengal cat. Is he a Bengal?
I have a Tabby Bengal, called Zigsa...He is completely mad!
Come and visit us on my blog if you have a moment!
Best wishes, Jo May.:)
P.S. I am now following you!
Sarah said…
trust me - you do NOT want to be a girl and experiance pms. take my word for it! and thanks for the comment. :) btw tasha is cute!
AmyK said…
Glad to see you are well and out and about again. I am a Cancer Birthday as well. We are very tender hearted aren't we? SOmetimes to a fault. You sound like you are in good spirits.
Kelly Muys Wood said…
Ekan, if I were there I'd pour you a glass of wine and throw Tasha a Milkbone. Keep your head up, good friend.

Mama Zen said…
Awww! I love the sign. And, what a beautiful dog!
Extremity said…
no u didn disappoint.funny read.
and the image u alrdy hung on ur gate ? tasha wud hav been flattered had she read it.
may ur days will b devoid of any PMS.ur wish to feel the girl things is quite lovely.atlst som guy is thinkng like that..sigh...
joanne May said…
Hi Again,
Thank you for your visit and leaving a nice message!:)
Just to answer your questions...
I also think we are very patient with people and good listeners too. I think we can be taken for granted by others because of this!
Mind you... My partner, (who is an Aries) does not think I'm patient but hey, what does a fire sign know about patients..LoL.:)
Yes. Indian women, living in England wear Sari. I think they look beautiful. I love the Indian silk fabric for making my jewellery bags.
Anyway. Thanks again for following. Good to meet you!
Shadow said…
you are very funny, you know that... but for the record, your pc cannot possibly have pms, pc's are MALE. cause the way to get anything done is just the most illogical of ways EVER! so, gotta be male, heee heee heeeeee
Believe me Ekan, you would not want to be a woman!!! I know where you are coming from here,
English women look beautiful in their Sari's and the material is beautiful.
I, too am a Cancerian, so I have a hard shell, but am full of mush!
Take care!
♥ Braja said…
I love the pic of Malu.....I think he'd get one well with my Bali :)
Vineeta said…
I completly appreciate that thought of urs ..being pregnant just to save ur girl from the pain...very sweeet!!! Loved reading ur blog..Keep going :)

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