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A joyride, tryst with death and a Happy New Year

A post after a long long time but I need to record this - not in a diary but in a space where I'd be able to access it whenever needed and in a place I'm sure I will not loose.

Went for the annual meet of our company of Dec. 28. The destination was a coffee estate in Coorg. It was so relieving to be back with nature - the coffee plantation all around, a serene pond, two dogs to play with and of course, the happy and happening gang that our office is. It was a two-night trip and the first night was pretty disastrous because of the meeting that extended till nearly 4 in the morning.

the second day was fun. I went swimming in the pond in the security of my life jacket. Did a bit of kayaking too. It's funny that though I do not know swimming and I'm quite afraid of water, I always enjoy water, whether I'm in it or by its side. Had a great time splashing around, thanks to my life jacket!

As the sun went down, we all gathered for the award night. Our senior staff awarde…