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"Life was so much easier, twenty years ago..."

So sang Kenny Rogers once and I used to love that song even before I turned 20. I never realised that song would hold more meanings to me as years pass by.

I don't know why but I suddenly took a fancy for songs in my native tongue tonight and I ended up listening to some of the sweetest melodies ever made in Malayalam. The year (or) rather years, were the late 1980s and the 90s. Just one song after the other...I couldn't stop listening. I drifted with each song, swung with the melody and at the end I caught myself crying pitifully like a child! I wonder what made me...why?

Perhaps those songs took me to the days when I and my sister were still with our dad, listening to him singing, sometimes humming songs while cooking, or even when he was out in the hot sun on Sunday mornings with us in our backyard, playing cricket with us. He was our first teacher in not just music but just about everything else. I do not know how much my sister recalls the memories about him but I do, vi…

Chal Diyay - A song for the soul!

I've been quite caught by this song. I do not understand it's lyrics, yet...

Chal diyay-ye-ye-ye-ye

I'm rocking myself to sleep every night with this song. It's so soothing and...

I tried searching for its lyrics and the meaning and this is the best I could get.

Fusion Music Like Never Before

I've no words to explain this. Coke Studio. The name says it all for some of you who have heard them before. For the others, here's a playlist I bet you can't stop listening to:


These set of songs just made me ralise that music can live beyond lyrics, language, cultural bonds, tradition and religion.
These are just a few! Search for 'Coke Studio' in YouTube and get as much as you want, a doze of out of the world, deeply spiritual, romantic and varied styles of song...

If I were a painting...

Oh my God! Oh my God! I just listened to a song from my most favourite singer ever. "If I were a painting..."

Enjoy the song and listen to its lyrics...

I bet many of you would be able to identify with this.

The lyrics:
If I were a painting
Captured on canvas
Alone in the portriat I would stand
And brush strokes bold
Yet soft as a whisper
The work of a feminine hand

Caught in a still life
Surrounded by shadows
And lost in a background of blue

If I were a painting
My price would be pain
And the artist would have to be you

I imagine the colors
Would all run together
If you ever allowed me to cry
So don't paint the tears
Just let me remember me
Without you in my LIFE

It's only the frame
That holds me together
Or else I would be falling apart

If I were a painting
I wouldn't feel
And you wouldnt be breaking my heart.

And the song:

Evolution or Transformation?

I know it's been a long, long while. I know I've got not the usual friends here. I know I've kept away from all of you for so long and I've been way too erratic for anyone to take notice anymore. But ye, I've come to a point in my life where I've begun to accept that a man's life is destined to be alone.

I'm back in the city of Bangalore after I left it in 2008. It's not like before. I was surprised to find a lot of people welcoming me here. It felt good, needless to say. Not that everything's fine but ye this is more than what I could have asked for - a challenging job, nice people around, old friends whom I thought I lost forever...

Then why this post? What was my need to reach out to you all again (though it's not practically going to happen).

As I was discussing with an old friend whom I met a couple of days back, my life took a rather unexpected turn ever since I left school. It lead me through uncharted terrains and I, on my behalf, w…