The careless Cupid!

My last post was about me-self getting enchanted by Celtic music and the magical voice of Loreena McKennitt. And I was honest in telling you all that I found it difficult to concentrate on anything else including my work. Whenever I get a minute's break or whenever I forcefully pulled me-self out of the routine events in my life, I found listening to her songs over and over again. But most of your responses rather confuse me. There were many of you who said, I'm "in love"!

Yes. That's true. I fell in love with Celtic music and Loreena's voice. Is that what all of you were referring to? Or were you telling me about something else? The more people who commented that I was in Love, I got more and more confused. And now, I've reached a point where all my thoughts are getting mixed up! Am I in love? I mean, am I really in love with something, someone else and I didn't realise it? Did that Stupid, Careless Cupid send another one of his god forsaken arrows right into my heart? Ah!!! This is ridiculous. This cannot be. I do not want to feel any of those silly butterflies in my tummy again. At least not for a while...

But what is this? In the silence and darkness of the night, along with the haunting, intoxicating Celtic music in my head, do I also hear a flap of some wings? Do I hear an extra thud of drums not in my ears but in my chest? I thought it was all a part of the orchestra, and it's that soft, delicate flaps and thuds that makes me go back to those songs. And who is that fairy with blue wings with me in the deep woods? I was not aware of her presence until all of you said that I'm in love. I thought I was alone in those deep, dark and enchanting Celtic woods! But no...

Ah! Grrr.... The Careless Cupid!

Or maybe, I'm getting things mixed up. All this could very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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