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A bus ride to remember

Ah! This is something to write about. I got into the town bus of my place after 2 long years! Ever since I brought my bike two years back, I've never used the town bus for commuting in my town. I never liked it even in my graduation days when I had to take a bus every morning to my college. I used to curse my stars that I had to travel in a crowded bus, getting pushed and pulled in it all the way to my college. And I was more than happy when I finally got a two wheeler and could do away with commuting in the bus. But today, as I had to give my bike for servicing, I thought why not try the bus after a long time? The experience was exhilarating. The bus, the people has not changed at all. I had to travel on foot board just like in my college days as the bus was too crowded. There was someone swearing at me because I was blocking the doorway when he had to get down. but unlike before I just smiled back at him. There were a couple of boys trying to push me down the foot board... The t…

M.J - The 'beat' has stopped

About 2500 years ago, a man from ancient Greece set out to conquer the world. He brought almost half of the world under his sword and he was hailed by the world as Alexander, The Great. About a hundred and seventy years back another man from Europe set out to do the same and he was called Hitler - Adolf Hitler. Here I'm intrigued by this question - What makes a man great? "Great Man" and not a great singer or a great X, Y or Z?

Now, look at M.J. No one can disagree with the fact that he is one among the greatest in the music world. But would anyone call him a "Great Man"? The legend passed away at the age of 50. The whole world seems to be mourning his death. I, who has never been an ardent fan but who couldn't help tap my legs to the beats of a couple of his songs - "Beat it" and "Black or White", is taking a very objective view of this scenario. He is the King of Pop and I don't have an argument there. He is also the most charitable…

"Oh my..."

It isn’t often that you walk into a place, look into a person’s eyes (just like that) and say "Oh my…". And yes that’s exactly what I said when I first saw her. Did I fall in love again? It seems like that and that’s what I blurted out to her. Since my heart wrenching break-up a year back, I’ve come across many a girls who made my heart miss a beat or two. But this time it’s different. If you ask me how, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to that. I just know that it’s different this time. Do I fancy her? Oh yes! Very much!! Do I love her? I’m not too sure. Besides, how can you say you love someone without knowing him or her? But I'm sure I can love her and keep loving her for an eternity once I'm sure she is the one I was looking for. Did I "fall in love"? Absolutely, yes! I FELL for her, right on my nose and ever since I’ve not been able to breathe easily when she’s around. My lungs seem to need more air and at times my pulse go weaker. I'd say, this …