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Ahm! I've been long wondering how I could share this with you until I found this site called

Nothing much to brag about but this is a video project in my graduation days in which I was given a chance to act in a short film titled 'The Rejected'. "Given a chance" is actually an under statement. Actually they came to me as a last resort because none was ready to take up the role. And why? 'coz the role needed the actor to play the part of a Gay! And yes, like in any other part of the world, same-sex relationship is as much a hot topic in India. Though there are people who boasts themselves to be very open to this, in reality, I've seen the same people twitch their eyebrows when they come across someone who admits themselves to be a gay or a lesbian.

Now, let me not take any hypocritical stand here. I, personally, don't give a damn about who sleeps with whom but me-self being a 'straight' when it comes to sexual orientation, I wouldn't want my girl to come and say that she slept with a women and expects me to "take it cool". I wouldn't be, and probably that would be the end of any relationship with her. It's ok if she tells me that she just discovered that she has lesbian tendencies and would continue to be my friend 'coz she values whatever that's between us. But if she asks me to be "all right with it" or "take it in the right spirit"... Well... Now, now, don't twitch those eyebrows of yours. I'm not showing any attitude here or flaunting a chauvinistic side of mine. I've had people behaving so stupid to me and still hold their head high and say that it's my narrow mindedness that couldn't accept things as it is. I mean, how does anyone expect me to be all right with absurdities like cheating me or pelting such shocking facts about life at me and still smile back at them and say, "It's all right. I can understand"? The fact is I don't understand such things 'coz I'm not that. But I wouldn't be arrogant enough to say that I'll never learn about it. Just give me some time... Ok! Ok! Let me not go into those things.

Coming back to the original topic, my (I was doing my B.A in English Lit.) friends in another department (Video and Mass Communication) approached me and asked me whether I had gut enough to take up the role of a gay in their short-film. And I didn't have to think twice before saying a "Yes". Not because I wanted to prove my guts but 'coz I love to be on stage and I like it more if it is anything challenging. Let me not talk too much and spoil the fun.

For those who might find it difficult to follow the story line, this is about how an unassuming guy (John) discovers himself to be a gay when he befriends a class mate (Rahul and that's me) of his and how it finally leads to his suicide. I'm the bearded guy (Rahul) in the film.

And guess what? This one scored the maximum points in the final evaluation among the four amateur video projects that were submitted. I don't know what exactly happened to the copy that I'm having but the picture quality seems to have gone a bit bad. It looks a bit too dark in the beginning. Maybe the problem is with the resolution of my monitor! Personally, what I love about this film is the background score. I found it very haunting and it sets the whole tone of the film. Never realized we had such talented people among us!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


Steven Anthony said…
That was truly amazing. My friend Cherie and I watched mesmorized, your acting is truly oscar quality...the issue of gay straight is uniportant, loss is loss...we could feel the pain your character must have felt...

You continually amaze me, you are truly talented..two thimbs up from both Cherie and I;)
Ekanthapadhikan said…
Steve - "Osacr quality" is something very flattering, friend! I know where I stand. Now, I don't mean to offend you Steve. But... I know I did quite a good job there and that's all there it is to it.
Steven Anthony said…
Ekan check it out you have a surprise waiting for you at my blog...
Hey! That was great! I loved it! You really were so moving in it. It looks like we might just have a movie star on our hands here!
I really enjoy Indian movies. My favourites are Raaz, Bhoot, and a one called Fear is Forbidden, but I've forgotten the Indian word for it!
I know that I've not kept in touch as much as I would have liked to, but I have been really busy lately, AND I have to find 21 followers to award buttons to this week-end too! So stay tuned, I may award one to you for your performance!
I'll have to keep in touch with you more!
I loved it . Your acting was too moving. I have to say that you are so talented .
Kaiserin Sisi said…
What a surprised! Who knows what the future holds, you might one day act again! :-)
dannyd said…
I just got to see this movie, and you played the part of the broken boyfriend really well!

I have a surprise for you on my blog- a post about the Gandhi's birthday Google logo and how it relates to Orkut:

Hope you can check out and comment on it!
::She Poet:: said…
I have to be honest. I admire you. I've only been acquainted with you for a bit and I've read a few of your entries. You seem to be the adventurous type, embracing life, taking chances and making things happen, positive things. I'm certainly glad we met. I like reading about real-life adventures. I joined your photoblog and for someone who claims they are a beginner your photos are outstanding.

PS: You did really well in your first movie! Loved it :)
Extremity said…
u cant get sick now.its unfair!chickenpox is enough for 2 seasons..not now not now..

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