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Safety is an 'Optional Feature' for Indians!

A car for yourself is an inexcusable Indian dream and I'm not devoid of it either. Though I don't have the money enough to own one yet, I still keep drooling over the various models of the various makes that comes out every other month. I browse through their brochures, compare features of each make, stick pics of my favourites on my wall...

And then I came across this one ad and it struck me very hard:

Pedestrian airbags! Wow!

And in India, we still have cars with passenger airbags as an 'Optional Feature' for which we'll have to shell out a few more 1000 INRs.

I rechecked all the brochures in my collection again and the finding was quite revealing and shocking. Basic safety features like ABS, passenger airbags etc. are 'optional' with many of the brands that are sold here, and for which we have to shell out a few more of our hard earned money! How can safety be an 'Option'?

I'm not targeting at any …