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I finally got a job after nearly 8 months of waiting. It's not a job I was really looking forward to. It's a call center job where I'll have to sell pet insurance to people in the UK. I've never done sales before and the few times I tried, I wasn't too successful either. Nevertheless, it's the only job I could find and I'll have to take it up. I can't just go on borrowing money and feel stupid in front of others.
Whatever said and done, I still am not feeling too good. For long I tried to fight my depression and the last couple of months I just lost it. I started doing all weird and odd stuff - getting drunk, calling up people and talking rubbish to them. The simple reason being that I was going quite nutty sitting alone at home with no one to talk to or share anything with. I still am not sure how far into the pit of depression I fell, or how much I've managed to cling on to the edges.
All I feel now a days is just this emptiness. I'm tired of…