'Silhouette' & 'Mummer's Dance'

Hi folks,

I just finished giving the final touches to a short story that I've been trying to write since I was in college. I did write it then and got it published in our department's manuscript magazine. But it never got the response I expected and I knew why. 'coz it was too obscure and full of personal elements and could never reach to the reader. Ever since then I wanted to improvise it and give it one more shot. And after almost 6 years, I got the old manuscript out of my shelf and dusted it and went through it again. I sat staring at the ceiling of my room and listening to Loreena McKennitt's 'Mummer's Dance'. Maybe that her magical and mystical voice and the pipes and timbrels of the Scandinavian music inspired me, I sat down and reworked on the whole story and there I'm, I could finally give it a form and shape that could take it to a reader! The story is titled 'Silhouette'.

I request everyone of your attention to that story and leave your most valuable feedbacks as comments. This is something really important to me. This is the much hyped and ambitious creation that I've ever boasted about and I'd need your very frank opinion on it. And please don't disappoint me by filling the comments columns with adjectives like "Excellent", "Brilliant", if you do not mean it. Feel free to call it a total crap. Good or bad, I need your very honest response to it.

So if you're ready to read my story click here.

Also, I couldn't help but learn the Mummer's Dance and sing it to you all. Please click here to listen to me sing that magical tune of Loreena. Cannot say I did full justice to the song but I did give my best shot!

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