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A Chickenpox Tale

I don't know how it is in other countries, but to get Chickenpox in India is really a bad thing to happen to just anyone. I'll tell you why. In the first place, this disease has no cure what so ever and that is more than a reason good enough for the people here to associate it with myths, religion, legends and God knows what else?

Before going into anything further, I me-self, on a personal note wonders why such a funny name for a disease? 'CHICKENPOX'. Now, what does that mean? Chicken + Pox? Everyone knows what a 'Chicken' is and mind you, I've checked and cross checked and couldn't find any other meaning for this. But 'Pox'! Ah! There you are - the MerriamWebster's Online Dictionary says 'Pox' means "a disastrous evil". Aha! Aha! Now I know why people associate 'Chickenpox' with superstitions... Anyways...

Since I had rather a serious infection, I fell very weak and tired from day one. Worse even, I soon got blis…

Hi! I'm back!!!

Hi all,

I'm back. Can't feel better, I should say. No. Not that I'm completely all right. In fact, I'm still home bound and not too well with funny speckles all over my face, quite irritating rashes on my butt and midriff and above all, still feeding on very bland food! But the worst is over. I'm happier that I could be back among you. It's been rather a long, long break or so it seems! Have a lot to share with you all, but I'm not allowed much 'monitor-hours' as it'd strain my eyes (the nurse says so!). So, as a comeback post, I sang a song and posted it in my other blog - Ekan learns to sing...

Friends, please do visit that blog and put down your comments there. Will be back with much interesting things in the days to come...

See you soon

I never thought Chickenpox was this bad. I'm having blisters even in my throat and that makes it too difficult to swallow... let alone anything solid, not even my own saliva. And there's this almost killing back pain and an altogether funny pain in my tummy that makes it almost impossible for me to sit upright and do just anything. The doctor has asked me to get hospitalised 'coz that way they can get some food in me through tubes and stuff. Ah! I think I'm gon'a get a hundred things to talk about in my blog. So, dear friends, I bid you all a goodbye till I'm back. I'll miss you all...

33 and still counting!!!

33 and still counting? But what? Any good guesses? No. Never. You'd not guess what I'm talking about even if you tried a million times.

Ok. So let me tell you what 33 refers to. Those are the little mustard-shaped-watery bubbles that have started appearing on my skin. You got it? Yes. I contrived Chickenpox from one of my friends. Remember my first post of this month - 'An extraordinary experience' - about going for a ride with a friend and how the trip got interrupted because she got chickenpox?

Since I didn't see any symptoms for all these days, I presumed I was safe. But no. Yesterday night I found funny little bubbles appearing on my shoulders. I thought it was due to the heat (the weather has become quite hot here now). I didn't get too bothered about them till today afternoon though I was feeling very weak and tired since morning. And when I finally found those cute little bubbles appearing on my tummy and... ahem... and on my butt... I got alarmed! I rea…

Looser - Looser!!!

"I know, I shouldn't be but this what I am".

Now, did I sound like making a statement there? Being assertive? Believe me, that's not me. But I really wish I could do that. It could've saved my face a couple of times if I could sound so arrogant. But both the times all I did was just unzip that really wide grin on my face and sat there like a dumb duck!

Which are these two situations? Hm... Both the situations involved a girl and that's all I can say for now. Read on to know more...

Before going into explaining those situations, I'd tell you about an incident that happened last Sunday which would stand a testimony for how absent minded I'm. After visiting the beach for the 'Sunday in my city' photo shoot, and on my way to my home, I was suddenly reminded of one of my old family friends who lived on the way. I remembered someone mentioning that their daughter was going to get married and I completely forgot when I heard that. "Why not pay t…

Seeking your suggestions

Here I'm with another one of my posts. First of all, a BIG FAT "THANK YOU" for all those who listened to me singing and left their comments. That was a real encouragement. I now wonder, why don't I start another blog with just me singing all my favs.? Let my voice be heard, appreciated and criticised. What do you think? Would that be too much? In fact, I already recorded a few songs and thought of giving it a shot. But I say myself "wait dude, some of your followers religiously follow your other blogs too - My Photoblog & Where The Roads Take Me... So should you be really starting another one more blog and make it difficult for your friends to keep track of it?". So here friends, I leave it to you to tell me what to do. Think about it and please don't be nice with me. Be very frank with me. Do not mince your words.

I'll be waiting for your responses.

Sunday In My City - Beach Life

Ok! So here I go. This is my this week's post for 'Sunday In My City'. First of all, thanks to Unknown Mami who introduced such a wonderful concept to me. For people like me who are interested in photography this is a celebration.

I have chosen my favourite weekend spot in my place - the Shangumugham Beach. I have many pleasant memories of this place. This was a regular weekend hangout for my family when my Dad was alive. I still remember playing in the sands with my sister when we were little kids. Anyways... Let me not go into that story now.
To begin with, let me take excuse for my rather long post this is going to be. There are around 34 pics. that I'd posting in this. I thought  of getting only around 10 pics. but ended up taking 40 + pics. Couldn't decide which not to include. So after much thought and re-thoughts here I'm, presenting to you all my favourite weekend hangout in 29 pics.

Kanayi Kunjiraman's 'Nude' This is one of the first thing anyo…

Listen to me sing!!!

Hi All,

I'm trying to make this post look like a personal mail to you all. This has been one of the most happiest days of all and since I cannot be sending a mail to all of you personally, I'd rather revert to this space where I can get you all together. I was feeling very blue today and decided to spend my evening at a bar where I can see real human beings around me. Now I don't mean to discredit the support that any of you have rendered me. But... Hope you can understand. I mean, how long can a person be happy with just virtual companions?

So with the soul purpose of seeing real-life human beings, I walked into a bar and ordered a Haywards 5000 beer. That's my personal favourite since it is a strong one. I don't take any hard drinks unless the occasion is such. And I don't like to get drunk at any moment in my life. It really scares me to get drunk. I'd shamelessly confess this to you all. A couple of beers is enough to make me feel high and anything mor…

Black and White (Poem)

Today happened to be a very gloomy day for me just like yesterday. Yesterday, I visited my college in the night. If you ask me why, I'm afraid I've no answer to that. I thought a lot about my past years and about the person who filled my thoughts, my dreams and my every wakeful moments in those days. Maybe this is 'coz I said "Goodbye" to my PYT and my mind became empty again. Anyways... I came back and penned down my thoughts in my diary and which appeared to me as some sort... er... ahem... poetry. I've posted that in my other blog and I request you all to take a look at it and tell me whether it really sounds like a poetry or something else?

Anyways... Here's the link to my other blog -

Good bye PYT! I'll miss you...

Some of you might be aware of my fascination for one particular PYT. To correct myself and you, it's not a passing fancy I have (I have and not 'had' 'coz I still have it. Can't help it) for her. I thought so in the beginning only to realise that it isn't so. I'm serious about this girl... dead serious. But my predicament is that she's not. She never took me seriously though I proposed to her twice! Now, am I being shameless? Does shame has a place in the game of love? Whatever...

I tried thinking from her shoe. I assumed that she was too young to respond to a proposal from me. I assumed she needs to be given more time. I assumed that she was helpless in a way I never knew. I assumed that she thinks I'm trying to play around with her... "You'd have known me better my dear pretty one, only if you had bothered to take a good look at me". But her shoe is too small for my feet, I guess! I found it impossible to convince my mind with all th…

New face of Hiduism

This instrument called the Electrical Musical Instrument (I'd agree that this sounds totally funny) is a combination of bells, chimes and drums and has become a common place in our temples (Hidu temples in South India) recently. While I wish to give the due credit to whomever who came up with such an innovative idea, I must confess, I feel so totally ashamed at the very purpose it serves. I'll tell you why.

To begin with, for people who are unfamiliar with the religion of Hinduism and it's culture and tradition, let me give you a very short brief. Hinduism is one of the oldest religion in the world and the date of origin of it is not yet authenticated. As I'm not a scholar in this subject let me relay on other sources:

"Hinduism is a term for a wide variety of related religious traditions native to India. Historically, it encompasses the development of Religion in India since the Iron Age traditions, which in turn hark back to prehistoric religions such as that of …

Swami says...

Hold to the idea, “I am not the mind, I see that I am thinking, I am watching my mind act,” and each day the identification of yourself with thoughts and feelings will grow less, until at last you can entirely separate yourself from the mind and actually know it to be apart from yourself.

Swami Vivekananda

Dedication to SupahMommy, Kelly Wood & Steve

This is absolutely a fantastic feeling. To know that I'm accepted, that I'm loved for what I'm. Ever since I started blogging seriously, I found new friends. I found people who share my thoughts and ideas. Let me not forget the first one to have ever accepted me in this blogger's world - Steven Anthony. He has been most generous with his comments on my posts and that did make me feel that I'm heard, no matter what ever stupidity I wanted to blurt out. Thanks a lot Steven. The man, I found out from his blogs, had a tragic childhood but braved it all and is now leading the life of an independent and free citizen of this globe. I admire him for his play with words and conviction to his beliefs. Learned a bit about being an adult male from him. Thanks again.

To my utter surprise, apart from him, all my other followers are women in their middle ages and women past that age. The amount of encouragement that I've got from them has been substantial in changing the way …

Contemplation, realisation... happenings at a Devil's workshop!

Idling at home for the past two days made me think about a lot of things - my future, career, family and besides all this, the thing about love and relationships. It just occurred to me that I've grown up a little as a person. I mean, I no longer have confusions about what I want in my life. I seem to have fallen in track with life. I did think a lot about my PYT today. I tried to reason out with things in me. I thought a lot about my past relationship too. And I now understand the difference between love and attraction.

To put this thought in simple terms - attraction is the first thing that you feel towards a desirable person in your life. Attraction has many reasons - could be the looks, the attitude, the character etc. etc. etc. But can you call it love? Absolutely not. Are you attracted to your sister/brother, your mother/father? You could be. But is that the over-riding emotion that you share with those people? No. You love them most probably than not. Then why do we use ter…

My last day of Onam vacation

This is the last day of my Onam vacation.

I had my comp-off days from last Tuesday. I had my friend visiting and hence made a plan to visit a wild life sanctuary and a hill station which I always wanted to visit. But owing to her falling sick on the way, the trip was interrupted and had to return home on Friday. I was too tired after the long ride and was in no condition to get my tired bones off the comfort of my home (Hi! I started calling it my home. Before I always used to call it just a house. This was just a four walled enclosure with a roof over my head that sheltered me from the onslaught of the weather. But ever since I brought Tasha in, this concrete building started becoming a home to me. Feel as though I've someone in here for me.)

And the best thing I could do sitting here is to share my experiences and thoughts with you friends. I really thank you all for being a constant support and of course for your comments. Ever since I started blogging, a new world of friends a…

My little nephew

This is the pic. of my little nephew whom I visited yesterday. Apart from macro shots of nature, animal photography and playing with light and shades, kids are always a favourite subject for my photography experiments. You can find another one of my experiments here.

I was focusing the lens through the chair opposite me and the idea of such a pic. occurred to me. It wasn't easy getting him on the other side of the chair though! But when I finally took it... Ah!

Giving my blog a new look

Hi all!

I just discovered that you can change the looks of your already existing blogs. I just gave mine a new look.


An extra ordinary experience

First of all, let me excuse myself for my un-announced absence for a few days. I was in the craziest bike trip of my life time and hence my absence.

Now to begin with, I had befriended this lady, 31 year old, a year and a half back through a social networking site. That was the time of my break-up and with none of my friends around, I was desperately looking for someone to share my heart's pain with. And like an angel from the heaven's open doors, I found her. I don't clearly remember how it all began, but we became friends from day one and with the passing of time our relationship grew stronger and deeper. We exchanged our phone numbers and we started sharing our secrets and in time we became great friends. There weren't too many days in this last one and half year when we didn't call up and shared our daily events. Now, we're like the soul keepers of one another. I know this wouldn't last for too long. She being a lady and still unmarried, is soon going t…