The Rescue

First of all, thank you all for stopping by my last post and encouraging me with your kind-kindest words. It did it's part in curing me. I'll ever be grateful to all of you for that. And for burdening up your mind I'm back again, feeling all relaxed and pepped up with a real fun post. This was an older post which I put in before anyone of you started following me. I'm deleting that post and reposting it here.

So here is another leaf out of my crazy life for you all to read and discover another face of the brooding, sulking Ekan that I was in my last post.

This happened to me almost a couple of years back when I was working in Bangalore. As is my very nature, I did not fail to befriend a few dogs in Shantinagar (I lived with room mates for an year there) and this particular black beauty was my favourite because she was the only one who used to welcome me without a fail every evening when I returned from work. I don't know from where, but she always used to come and play with me every night when I go out for a walk and I used to treat her with biscuits which was usually my dinner. See, we ate from the same plate too (metaphorically)! Ours was a relation that took root from day one. "Love at first sight"? Hm! You can call it that way...

And she disappeared for days together and just like that. I searched for her at every nook and corner of the street when I went out for my regular walks at night. But she was nowhere to be seen. Another heart break? Oh! I was not ready for that since it was hardly a couple of months since my break up with my girl.

One fine morning, on the way to my office I saw her poking her head out of the gutter by the road just as seen in this pic.

"Where the hell were you? And why the hell are you there?", I asked her.

A dumb stare is all that I got for an answer.

"Ok. I don't have the time for you now. Need to rush to the office. See you in the evening", I said and I moved on but not before taking a snap of her with my camera that I usually always carry around and giving a nice little pat on her head.

To my shock I saw her in the same spot, sticking her head out through the gap between the slabs that covered the gutter, when I returned from work in the evening. Now, I got worried at this. I stopped and looked at her. She made no attempts to move. I walked to the nearby shop and got a packet of biscuits and tried to entice her out. She still didn't move. She just kept looking at me with that dumb expression. "Good Lord! What's this?". I went near her and stroked her head and asked her to come out but in vain. It was only then I realized that she was stuck in there!

I immediately ran into my room, put my bag down and came back to the spot. And there started a rescue mission which I'm sure none of you'll ever forget reading about. This would become history and I'm so damn sure about that. Ok, let me not hype it too much. Read on...

I put my hand around her neck and tried to pull her out gently. Phew! No result. I began to get desperate. I borrowed a crowbar from the nearby house and tried to dislocate the slabs. It didn't move an inch. And all the while she kept staring at me. Out of sheer desperation I caught hold of her ears and tried pulling her out of the gutter. Still not happening! She simply wouldn't budge! And then, suddenly she just disappeared into the gutter. I panicked, I shrieked, I sweared at the top of my voice, I cursed my stars... The whole street was witnessing this sudden commotion made by me. All eyes were on me... curious, amazed, admiration... I could feel it all.

There was only one another way to rescue her. There was an opening at one end of the gutter. I have to get in through that opening, crawl up to where she is and just drag her out. And even if that didn't work I thought of calling the authority to help the poor she.

I walked to the end of the gutter fully aware of the fact that half of the street was looking at me... Did I see that fair and sexy Gujarati las (Gujarat is a state in North India) at the balcony of her flat smiling at me? Or did I just imagine it? Anyways... I lay flat on my stomach at the end of the gutter and looked in to find out how far I'd have to crawl in it. And what did I see?

OMG! This is not happening to me? How am I ever going to get up and face the ones looking at me? What would happen of the brave hero of that sexy young thing at her balcony? This was one good chance to've impressed her! I felt my heart skip, perhaps, a couple or more of beats. Felt a lump in my throat... I saw my friend lying comfortably and feeding her three new borns!

Why is it that things keep happening to me and just me????

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