Baby = Puppy???

I'll tell you the difference between looking after a baby and a pup.

  • Babies will grow to talk - Puppies will grow to listen
  • Babies need to be changed diapers - Puppies don't wear diapers
  • Babies cry for everything - Puppies stare at you so expectantly for everything
  • Babies soil your clothes and bed spreads - Puppies soil the corners of your home
  • Babies sleep whenever they feel like - Puppies sleep at regular intervals
  • Babies keep you busy by seeking your attention 24x7 - Puppies don't bother you much. They're happy if you spend a little time with them for playing
  • Babies look at things with amusement - Puppies look at things with curiosity
  • Babies can't be forced to silence - Puppies can be forced to silence
  • Babies grow comparatively slower - Puppies grow comparatively faster
  • Babies drool - Puppies don't drool as much
  • Babies need to be washed daily - Puppies need to be washed once in every three days or so
  • Babies can't be expected to be loyal once they grow up - Puppies can be trusted to be loyal once they grow up

Now let's take a look at some similarities:

  • Babies have bowel troubles - Puppies also have bowel troubles
  • Babies need to be checked for skin rashes - Puppies also need to be checked for skin allergies
  • Babies need to be vaccinated - Puppies also need to be vaccinated
  • Babies like to be pampered - Puppies like to be petted too

That's all the similarities that I can think of now.

Now, tell me - is baby = pup? Which one do you think is easier to look after? And why are there more people growing babies than pups?


Anonymous said…
Ive never had children, but I have always found it an enjoyable expierence helping my pup to grow.

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