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My 100th Post and pointless thought!

This is my 100 th post and I had a different thing in my mind. But something that I read about (rather) forced me put down these pointless thoughts in my blog.

Today I stumbled on an online forum where people were writing reviews about their dear bikes. I was more than shocked to find out that Indian men still do not know to differentiate between a Sports Model and a Tourer/Cruiser. The bikes about which they were talking so loud were the Yamaha FZ 16, Hero Honda Karizma and Bajaj Pulsar (150/180/220cc). And they were fighting over which of these is the best Tourer Bike in the country. Now, before going into any further discussion on this topic, let me show you the pics. of these bikes:

Yamaha FZ (150cc)

Karizma (220cc)

Pulsar 180cc

Pulsar 220cc

Need I say more? Tourers? Cruisers? These bikes? Oh, come on! Give me a break. What do you think you're arguing about and that too in public forums? Just look at the design of those bikes! Do they look anything remotely designed for long rides?…

Ekan's Celebrity New Year Gala (30+1 celebrities)

Disclaimer: This is an out and out imaginative stuff and I'd be celebrating my New Year with Loneliness in the privacy of my room! Also, I picked this idea from my best blog buddy's post - Steven Anthony @ No Excuse, No Explanation.

Come New Year and it's time for the much awaited Ekan's Celebrity New Year Gala. I have grand plans for this new year and all are invited to join the party. Here's a list of my favourite celebrities from around the globe, whom I'd be inviting to the New Year Bash - 2010.

The first invite goes to none other than Ingrid Bergman. Ahm! I know, this one would have to go rather a long, long way to reach her. Non the less, I sure would love to have her for my party.

The other celebrities who'd grace the occasion are:

Sean Connery (Most stylish and elegant of all the men I've seen till date)

Catherine Zeta Jones (Sexiest lady on-screen. Ooohmp...)

Bobby McFerrin (What's a party without this guy? "Don't worry. Be happy...&qu…

Hands up! - Cutest Kitty Video

This is the cutest cat video I've ever seen. Take a look.


Happy, happier, happiest...

Yahoo! I got my pics. reviewed by a professional photographer and to my utter surprise he said among the set of 30 + pics. that I showed him, he really liked four. He said they are really, really good. Then I had a chat with him and he said I do have an eye for good photographs. He went on to tell me how I can get into the profession (that is, if I'm serious about it). I was overwhelmed when he picked on one pic. and said it was his favourite. Incidentally, the same pic. is my favourite too and I consider it my masterpiece. Wooo!!! Yei! Yei!! I couldn't have bargained for more!

Here are his picks:

Contemplation (My masterpiece)

Untitled (Suggestions welcome)

Call Of The Ancient


I do have more pics. which he has not seen yet. I'd be meeting him again for his reviews on those pics.

I'm over the top!!!


And many THANKS to my Creative Director for introducing me to him.

And here's the link to my photo blog for those who think it's worth a visit - Shutte…

Back in action

Huh... poof!!!

I'm finally back after a long unprecedented break. Was caught up in a number of things that I me-self didn't realize just how much of water has flown under the bridge. I can't even sit and write about all that happened. Too many things to mention. So, let me just put it in points.

Proposed to my best friend's sister and I lost him for a friend.The cops took away my bike from me 'coz I was fool enough to ride it without proper documents to show that it was my bike.Applied for a loan 'coz I desperately needed to raise some money and failed.My system had a temporary crash and got corrected by itself.And finally, I lost my job!
Let me elucidate on that last point. Today my Creative Director called me for a one on one and said he's not interested in maintaining me at his firm. No. It was not as bad as it sounds. I was expecting this any moment and I'm relieved that it happened soon. At least I'm spared the tension of carrying this load in m…

The Mean Kitty Song

I found this in YouTube while I was browsing for random stuff. Take a look...

My strawberry pudding comes with bitter topping!

Aha! Please excuse my very erratic blog conduct. I know I'm not too regular now-a-days. And somethings did happen in the past few days and I can't thank heaven more for all this! I can't say I'm in cloud 9. I'd rather say this is the first time I've ever felt my feet on ground. This sense of calm and steady mind... Ah! I've never experienced this for ages now. But as always is with my case, my sweet puddings always comes with bitter toppings!

The biggest news is that I've quit smoking. Now, can you believe that? I bet you can't and I know it appears to early to say so 'coz it's been only 5 days since I quit smoking! But believe me or not, I'm done with that ghastly habit for this life time. No. I do not "think" so, I've rather decided so. Also, I've started a 41 days vrithm (no non veg food, no cigarettes, no drinks etc. for these 41 days). Now, HOWZAT????

Wondering how all these changes in a matter of few days? All, I…