What if we're not alone in this Universe?

I'm always bestired by this thought that the Earth and the human race is not as alone in this Universe as we think it is.And what more -- I do believe in the existence of parralel Universes.But sorry I'm not a science geek or even a science student. I've no proofs for what I believe in.I'm just a compulsive dreamer who happens to have a gift for words to say what I think about.What I'm, what I think is a different matter...But if my belief is true about parallel Universes and other species existing beyond Earth... I'm also led to believe that these other beings are the protectors of Earth -- That they have defended and protected this Earth very effectively so far, even while we've been destroying it through the ages in every possible manner.So are these extra-terestrials that we refer to as Gods?Even if they're I'd bet my very fragile life up on it and say that their actual names, if they ever have one, are not Shiva, Jesus or anything else.

Women, Beauty...

One one-side, we talk about women empowerment, about not objectifying women, about not considering women only the basis of their looks but also as intelligent, smart and successful beings equal to men, and yet we celebrate beauty pageant of women of all ages, sizes and shapes!
And what are these women - Rocket scientists? Surgeons? Accomplished academicians? Diplomats?
What do they do after winning in these 'beauty' competitions other than trying their luck in cinema, getting involved in 'social' and 'charity' works and launching their own line of fashion boutiques, and (lately) even getting into politics and become our ministers?
What's the actual message here?

Change but how?

Never have I felt so down and insulted.Someone who doesn't even know how tags in a web post works is my senior and she has had a distaste for me from the beginning.Honestly, touching my heart, I can say that I've done nothing or spoken nothing to offend her till date.My only mistake - Unlike others, I behave a little aloof and I don't mingle much. I do take French leaves at office but whenever I'm there, I behave most professionally.I used to be very friendly with my seniors in my past job but I had to pay the price for it, even with my job.Now, I just go to office, do what's assigned to me, extend my time there if there's a need and then retreat to myself after office.Where am I going wrong?Why am I getting stuck with the wrong kind of people always?Something in me tells me that I need a drastic change but I can't figure out what about me that needs to be changed.But I know this one thing for sure that if that change is made, I'd be much happier, healt…

'D' for... Read to find out more

I'm a chronic insomniac and tonight my insomnia has doubled up as it has a reason - it's hardly 32 hours since I'd get married, and that too, to a girl I couldn't have even dreamed of in my wildest dreams!

She keeps repeating that she's not a beautiful girl, but to me she's the most wonderful woman I've ever come across -- she's my Wonder Woman!

She's kind, helpful, realistic, accommodating, strong, no nonsense (except with me because she likes to fool around me), sensitive, careful, caring, ready to take charge if the situation calls for it, ready to call a spade a spade, strong willed yet tender, passionate and most of all as loving as loving could be...

I could just keep on adding adjectives here but that still wouldn't define her completely.

I know I could be mocked at for showering a girl with such praise when I've known her only for hardly three and half months. Also because in these three and half months, we've seen each other li…

Good news. Getting married finally!

Good news. Getting married finally!

The dream date is December 31!

Was India sleeping since 1947?

This is going to be quite a long post and I warn anyone who is averse of long posts in Facebook to proceed any further:
I'm quite saddened to see many people knowingly or unknowingly repeating the 70-year tragedy of India, which was directly and indirectly fed to them.
I mean what did go wrong in all these 70 years which is now being corrected? By just highlighting the corruption of the past two terms of a corrupt Congress, how can anyone say, any of their predecessors did anything wrong?
My knowledge of history of India before Rajeev Gandhi is not that strong. To be honest, I was neither interested in politics nor was I aware of the political developments in India up until lately.
I was not involved in politics in my college days. I was just an amused observer and I've seen what unhealthy politics does to people involved in it.
SFI was strong in our campus and the neighbouring campus was an ABVP bastion.
I've seen some of my college mates getting attacked and beaten up by the A…

The lesser devil!

BJP has found a new hobby - trying to, but in vain, project Kerala as a state in utter communal disorder, political violence, and where people die because of malnutrition etc. etc. etc.

They even once compared Kerala with Somalia!

And then they paraded their Union Cabinet ministers to Kerala and made them tell us how deprived and affected we are.

To a point, they became successful in trying to create a terror atmosphere in the state, I agree, but all this exercise for what?

In the last Lok Sabha election, the BJP managed to secure just one seat in Kerala and that too because it was a much respected O Rajagopal contesting for it.

I for one, though I punched NOTA, I did wish he won in his constituency.

No Communists or the Congress men would ever talk ill of O Rajagopal because despite him being an RSS in his youth and later a BJP leader, he's a man with some basic qualities that can be appreciated. We consider him in the league with BJP's own AB Vajpayee, who once was a BJP re…