About religion and faith

Concerning religion and faith... I'm a Hindu, not by choice but by birth, and nevertheless I'm happy (not proud 'coz there's nothing to be proud of something you never achieved. I can be proud if I had invented a new gadget that would make human toils easier) to be one to belong to a much inclusive (not the superior 'coz there logically cannot be a "superior") faith.

And I'm most unhappy at what is now being projected now as 'Hinduism'. Hinduism is not about 'cow protection' while ignoring the problems of 'child marriage', 'rape', 'honour killing' and many more. Hinduism is not about hate or rebellion.

Anyways, that aside, this is an incident that happened about 10 years ago. I was travelling alone by train - from Mumbai to Kerala. It was a long journey and to get imprisoned inside a metal container rolling on metal in the Indian summer for hours together is nothing fanciful. I had already finished the Agatha C…

My Disgust (not Hate) grows

I used to like him for his oratorical skill, though I never liked him from the beginning, but now it just disgusts me. I'd like to repeat what I said before: "There are two main holes in a man's body - one to ingest and another to discreet. If you don't know how to let out your shit out of the relevant hole, you better shut both the holes and die out of constipation." Sorry for my harsh words but I very much mean it. Come 2019 elections and I'm going to punch NOTA again!

Nationalism and our Martyrs - Part 2

There's so many people talking about, and so much of media attention towards one stupid guy who blabbered something and kept to his ego.

People and media equally reacted in the name of nationalism!

Excuse me but there was someone who was dragged out and beaten to death and his son beaten to pulp, all for just eating beef in this country!

It's an old story now but has there been any action taken about this? People who were associated with this incident were arrested as well. But is that the end of it? People in some parts of this country are still reluctant to say the word 'beef'!

It's pathetic that one cannot eat something of his choice in this supposed-to-be-free and independent country without getting threatened for life.

My beloved border-men, you're not protecting the borders of India but the borders of a democratic, republic and secular India, but unfortunately this is what's happening in this country that you're giving away your lives for.

And so…

Nationalism and our Martyrs!

There's been a lot of 'Nationalist' propaganda doing the rounds recently like never before. Indians who have realised their nationalism previously only when there was an India Vs Pakistan cricket match live on TV have begun to talk a lot about nationalistic fervour and pride, thanks to Kanhaiya Kumar and the lot. Jai Hind!

My only question is that is this the Indo-Pak (read as Hindu Vs Muslim, or UPA Vs UDF) match blown up in a big way or are we 'Indians' really so nationalistic?

I saw a post of Rahul Gandhi's Degree Certificate from the Cambridge University doing the rounds in FB with some ridiculous comments. But does at least our Education Minister (Smriti Irani) has such a degree certificate, or at least a degree certificate to show us, forget the other top ranked ministers?

Now, I'm not a Congress or a BJP or an AAP supporter. I punched NOTA in the last election and will continue to do so until I see someone who's truly worthy enough as a candidat…

Safety is an 'Optional Feature' for Indians!

A car for yourself is an inexcusable Indian dream and I'm not devoid of it either. Though I don't have the money enough to own one yet, I still keep drooling over the various models of the various makes that comes out every other month. I browse through their brochures, compare features of each make, stick pics of my favourites on my wall...

And then I came across this one ad and it struck me very hard:

Pedestrian airbags! Wow!

And in India, we still have cars with passenger airbags as an 'Optional Feature' for which we'll have to shell out a few more 1000 INRs.

I rechecked all the brochures in my collection again and the finding was quite revealing and shocking. Basic safety features like ABS, passenger airbags etc. are 'optional' with many of the brands that are sold here, and for which we have to shell out a few more of our hard earned money! How can safety be an 'Option'?

I'm not targeting at any …

Six Months in a Call Center

I've been working in a call center selling pet insurance since April this year. I took it up a challenge,, deviating from my original field of profession, which is writing, editing...God, I've never felt so incompetent in a job before. I'm yet to achieve my monthly target. I've struggled to stay afloat and now instead of feeling a sense of accomplishment, I'm beginning to feel too tired and fatigued to carry myself any further. I know I shouldn't switch to this negative frame of mind and trust me, I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out myself why I couldn't succeed yet. I'm just trying to think and reach a conclusion here.The feedback I'm getting isn't helping me either. With the best of intentions, my team leader asked me to change the way I carry myself - become more fashionable in my dressing, change the way I sound, regularly shave or maintain stubbles, change my hairstyle etc. for me to look more 'cool' and confident. He has…


I finally got a job after nearly 8 months of waiting. It's not a job I was really looking forward to. It's a call center job where I'll have to sell pet insurance to people in the UK. I've never done sales before and the few times I tried, I wasn't too successful either. Nevertheless, it's the only job I could find and I'll have to take it up. I can't just go on borrowing money and feel stupid in front of others.
Whatever said and done, I still am not feeling too good. For long I tried to fight my depression and the last couple of months I just lost it. I started doing all weird and odd stuff - getting drunk, calling up people and talking rubbish to them. The simple reason being that I was going quite nutty sitting alone at home with no one to talk to or share anything with. I still am not sure how far into the pit of depression I fell, or how much I've managed to cling on to the edges.
All I feel now a days is just this emptiness. I'm tired of…