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2014 as it was and hoping for a good 2015

All the social network is all flooded with New Year this or that. So I thought I'd give a recap of my 2014 too.
I missed attending my office on January 1, 2014, because I got too drunk the night before.February, my company fell in huge financial crisis and decided to withhold my salary.March, April, May June, July: I worked without any salary.July-end: I'm diagnosed with jaundice.August, September, October, November: I'm home bound - no salary, no income... but luckily enough I've a sister who was always ready to support me. So no hunger or other deprivations but just left with my disease and boredom.Mid-November: I get all my pending salary for 7 months, I pay off all my debts, was told that I can't return to work in that office.Mid-November till today: Job hunting, job hunting, job hunting, and almost at the verge of depression... Well, that's my 2014!
This is just a synopsis of the major events. Many other things happened but can't just mention it all. I…

All about innocent smiles

Two clicks of my niece.

I confess, I envy that smile on her face; her joyfulness.

I too used to have that on my face long, long, long back.

I bet none of you adults could mimic that, no matter how good you're at mimicking the dialogues, the voices or actions of the best screen-actors you've seen just on the silver screen.

And that's exactly the sorrow of growing up. You just can't can't laugh, let alone smile so innocently like you used to do once.

I feel very sorry and sad for this favourite girl in my life. I know this smile would vanish from her face very soon. I realise that she'd get into the stupid and morbid complexities of this life too soon, and this smile of her's would only be a ghost of the memories.

I can't just help feeling sad, even looking at so gorgeous and resplendent a smile.

I love kids. It's in me to love kids. But... What are they going to become?

Am I loosing faith in humanity? Maybe I'm and I bet I've good reasons fo…


The right word, if I could use it, is ’distaste’ for most things in life. Except for good food, old melodies and good movies, there's nothing else I find exciting about life anymore. Even books, which used to be an escape zone for me once, doesn't offer me much respite now. My patience level cannot manage to meet with what a book demands. And all these random scribbling are what that still ties me to the literary world that's getting more and more out of bounds for me.Phew...

Thanks for the tasteless deprivation!

After my jaundice and almost months of strict diet restrictions my tongue was almost beginning to forget how things ever tasted. I was allowed to eat only steamed food with not even salt, forget spices. Oil, any fatty food or things that had a tinge of sourness were a complete No-No. To put it short and simple, anything that my tongue could even remotely recognize as ’taste’ was out of my menu.Two weeks back I tested my blood again and I was elated to find all readings falling back in the ’normal’ range. That means my tongue was ready to come out of its penance. I waited no more. I headed straight to a vegetarian restaurant and ordered idly and sambhar. My tongue was like a lonely and stranded traveller who finally found an oasis in a hot parching desert. I enjoyed every bite of the soft idly which I benevolently soaked in the heavenly sambhar. My tongue would have come out and doled out a merry lap dance, had it a heart of its own.Since then it has been on numerous palatable escapade…

My Problem - Your Problem

I see this as a very serious problem. My fellow beings are very much interested and serious about arguing whether SRK or Aamir is the better Khan of Bollywood, whether Sachin should have retired yet, whether iOS or Android is better, whether six-pack or the family-pack (the paunch that we all have) is healthier, or even fairness of the skin (I guess, there's no much argument there) is something desirable; but would shy off from arguments concerning the overdose of religion in our social behavior, why women subjugation should be a part of our cultural identity, about technology addiction that our kids are rampantly falling prey for and experiencing much lesser a healthier life than us because of it, and other such things.

The 'majority' of us (I'd rather say complacent beings) thinks, and comfortably and conveniently so, that these are the concerns only of the 'intellectuals' and is better left to them to figure out a way out of it! But from what I've seen …


I feel calm. I just feel calm!

Music & me-self

Yes, I'm back at it again - music.

I was fortunate enough to have been born into a family of music lovers and I grew up listening to a rich collection of classics, both Indian and western. My late father and late uncle (father's youngest brother) were the ones who introduced me to a variety of music and legends like Rafi, Jim Reeves and the likes.

I still remember those music-filled afternoons of my summer vacations in my ancestral home - the big hall, a little dark because of the shade of all the gigantic trees outside the window. The window curtains fluttering in the breeze. My dad sitting by the window with a cigarette, dozing off, listening to the melodies of Rafi, Kishoreda, Lataji or Jim Reeves. Mostly it was the soulful voice of Rafi or Reeves that filled those afternoons.

After my father passed way, it was my uncle who used to get me cassettes of Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Carpenters, Elton John and the likes. He too left me with a rich pool of music that I would co…

I hate Cricket 'coz of Sachin

I hate Cricket 'coz of Sachin

Now, I made that headline just to make people become more interested in what I wanted to say. After all, Scahin sells whether he's retired or not, doesn't he?

I'm a proud Indian. I was born into this cricket-crazy nation and I love Sachin. Just that I'm not a Sachin fanatic because I understand that Cricket is an ever-evolving game in the world arena and Sachin is someone who made it big in a still-under-developing game. Look at the change that has gripped the game in the past 20 years! From test-cricket to ODIs and then to Twenty-20s and now the IPLs! I myself don't find it exciting enough to watch the game which has now been commercialised beyond imagination!

That's not the case with tennis, football or golf or Formula 1. That's not the case with Pele or a Maradona. Not the case with a Pete Sampras, Navratilova, or a Federer. Not the case with Tiger Woods or even a Schumacher. The rest are world sports and their champion…

Love or something like it - Kenny Rogers

"Love Or Something Like It"
Show me a bar with a good looking woman
Then just get out of my way
Turn on the jukebox, I'll show you a song you should play
Sooner or later a few shots of Bourbon
And I'll think of somethin' to say
Whoa, I can take her or leave her
I'd like to take her away.

Liquor and music, a good combination
If you've got love on the brain
I never knew two women who acted the same
Some want a drink first, and some want to just sit and talk
Whoa, oh, it's two in the mornin'
I'm running' and she wants to walk.

Something's got a hold on me
It's cheap but it ain't free
Love or somethin' like it's got a hold on me.

That's when I asked her, my place or your place
I hope I'm not out of line
I asked the wrong thing, but just the right woman this time
She knew a hotel, she even had a name we could sign
Whoa, oh, the cheaper the grapes are, the sweeter the taste of the wine.

Something's got a hold on me
It's cheap but i…

As lazy as a Sloth

Ah, that truly represents how I feel like - tired, fatigues and laaa...zy!

Morning I wake up thinking when I can hit the bed again and I go to sleep praying the night never ends. Only if I had less disturbing dreams, or better even no dreams at all.
Maybe it's the hot climate!

Hi hi hi...


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