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Made in China!

The recent campaign to say no to all Chinese products in India because we have a border issue with them...

If that has to be followed, we Indians would end up throwing all electronic goods at our home including our mobile phones, TVs, washing machines and what not?

I mean, even if you have an Onida TV at home, you can disassemble it and see that one of the parts, of the TV, or the TV itself would have a sticker that says "Made in China."

I can at least talk about those who own the latest, most advanced and feature-rich mobile handsets.

iPhone is supposed to be American but you's see a sticker in it saying "Made in China."

Samsung is Korean but you's see a sticker in it saying "Made in China."

Panasonic and Sony are originally Japanese companies but you'd see the same sticker on them.

Bosch and Siemens are German, Whirlpool is American, and LG -- again a Korean company, but in India, they all carry the sticker of "Made in China."

So …

I'd like to cast my vote but...

I'm a journalist and a secular minded person, and it personally hurts me when anyone utters the new found words "Sickular" and "Presstitue."

The word "Prestitute" annoys me the most because it carries with it the very core of the dastardly patriarchal tendency we all secretly hide within ourselves.

Why should be a journalist whom you cannot agree with be termed a "prestitute" and not anything else?

Why isn't this term used against journalists in the US or any other European countries?

And why is anyone who is not against Hindu culture but against Hinduising the entire community just like what Hitler tried to do by mass massacring Jews, called, a 'Sickular'?

I'm against the current trend of 'sensation mongering' journalism, as much as I'm against religious conversions -- I mean why would a Church ask a hungry man whether he'd convert to Christianity if the Church could feed him? The moment you ask for a favour…

Is this against media ethics?

This is one-of-a-kind of a celebrity interview. Unlike many who says this was the ultimate from-the-heart interview, I consider this the worst interview ever, and against any media ethics.

I mean, the girl was on a high, though she spoke her heart out. You can even see her smoking a hokkah and she was talking in an intoxicated state of mind, and you can even see the interviewer encouraging her.

I mean, is this supposed to be a media interview. I can understand if this was a personal conversation between them?

I've nothing against what she said, but I'd have applauded if this was a proper interview.

Thinking again, what's a proper interview?

But is this an example of it?

Or, as the many scripted 'reality shows' go, was this also a rehearsed one? Of course Parvathy is a good actress and I like her too!

Five regrets I'll take to my grave

I'm not too old to say this but I guess I'm old enough not to be able to do these things anymore.

Five regrets I'll take to my grave:
Not being able to learn to swim.Not being able to stand my ground and fight all adversities and take up the academic course of my choice, which was veterinary science.Not being able to train under the Indian military.Not training in music with focus.Not excelling in any sports (I think I used to be a fairly good spin bowler in my school days. At least, that's how I imagine I was then but I haven't played cricket for like ages.)

Finding a reason to love my enemy

I had hate and I wanted to kill my enemy, his family, his friends, neighbours, allies and everyone who supported him. My hate for him was justified because he killed as my dear and near ones.
I was looking for an opportunity to destroy him and everything that was his too but I had no means until I got the power of 'parakaya pravesham', the mystic art or the knowledge of dominating another person's soul or living in another person's body.
What better way to take revenge? What better a way to destroy my enemy's life? I can wreck havoc in his day today life...
I became him and waited for the right opportunity to strike but...
I got a different mother who prepared meals for me with much love just like my mother used to do.
I got different brothers and sisters who love me as the brothers and sisters that I had.
I got a gang of friends who would hang out with me, tease me, and be with me in my hard times...
Now with all the love and care I get from the kith and kin of my 'e…

GST, politics, confusion...

Forgive my ignorance on the subject of finance and for the same reason about the true implications of GST also, but with an agro-majority India going through one of the worst agrarian crisis, and the banking sector, including the RBI still struggling to sort out the issues caused by the overnight note-ban -- was our economy actually ready for a hasty GST roll-out, no matter how brilliant an economical revolution it can unleash in days to come?
I'm still referring to the note-ban crisis because the other day I was at my bank to deposit a cheque and the person in the queue in front of me was withdrawing money and I'd recreate the dialogue that happened between them:
"In what what denominations should I pay you sir," asked the teller.
"In 500s and 100s, please"
"Can I include a few Rs. 2000 notes?"
"Please don't. I can't get it changed outside."
Now, as I overheard, the man was withdrawing about Rs. 15,000, and I'm sure he was not one…