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First of all, "Sorry" my friend that I couldn't give a happy note today - I'm too confused...

Me and my mom went for a late night show and we returned to find one of our kittens run over by some vehicle. It's intestines were our and it was taking its last. I scooped it up in my arms and walked a long way to find a decent place for it to be buried. While in my arms, it withed and showed signs of life! It opened it's tiny mouth and tried to cry out but its sound wouldn't come out. I was gripped by a sense of, I don't know what?

I deposited it by the road side where there was an overgrowth of shrubbery. I saw its dainty head resting on the grass. Did it look at me?

I couldn't stand it's pain. I thought I'd choke it to death to relieve it off its pains.

I tightened my fingers around its neck. Its neck was so tiny that just two of my fingers were enough to tighten my grip around it. I pressed. It didn't move. I pressed even harder and I saw…

A good thought before I hit the bed

I'm continuing my series on good thoughts before hitting the bed.

Not that anything so good happened today. It was a usual day - a hectic day, in fact. Lots of work, little chit-chats with colleagues and a beer to give a finishing touch to it all. To be frank, I'm just sitting bored, not knowing what exactly to do.

But as my friend suggested, I'm trying to keep the bad thoughts at bay and bidding all good thoughts, if any, to my mind.

What did happen today?

Got up early, took bath, had my breakfast and headed off to work.

But yes. There is something worth mentioning.

I had a late lunch, at about half past two. I felt very hungry and ran into the pantry of our office with my lunch box carefully packed by my mom. And what did I find in the box?

Aha! Nice vegetable biryani and fish curry and pappadams and a boiled egg! Also I had taste-buds-tickling lemon pickle in the shelf of the pantry? What more can a hungry tummy ask for?

Can you believe it if I say I blushed at the very…

A happy note for a friend

I had this conversation with a friend two nights back and she insisted that I must continue blogging. Not just that, she also insisted that I must fill my blog with happier thoughts and the fun people around. Thank you friend, for pushing me in the right direction but I don't know how regular I can blog.

There used to be a time when I was like a-blog-post-a-day keeps Ekan happy. It's no longer like that. Nevertheless, I'll try to keep my promise to you.

To be frank, I didn't feel too good today. For some reason, I was a lot disturbed and I still am. The past three days had been good - fun filled and full of activities - but today...

Now, what was the sunnier side of my life today? Hm...

Ye! i thought of taking my mom out for a night-show. We wanted to watch a Tamil horror movie that got released recently. We had an early dinner and reached the cinema only to find out that the movie is no longer running there. Then we went around almost all the cinemas in town and could…

Decided to live single

There's a ton of memory that's weighing down my thoughts. I lost all my contact with her about 3 months back. I last send a mail and a message to her about two months back and never got any reply. No. Not that she'd dead. She's very much alive and I know that but she has gone far, far away from me. Not a day pass without thinking about her. In fact, it's her thoughts and the handful of beautiful memories of our togetherness that I live on every hour. I wish to go to her home, knock at her door and bargain a glance at her but I dare not do it. Not because I'm afraid of anything for myself but I don't wish to disrupt a peaceful life that I expect her to be having now. I think I've grown enough to take in pains and not complain aloud and so I sit here typing this post with invisible tears running down my cheeks. I wish someday I come across her again. No. Not to ask her anything. Not to hurt her with a word but to see her again. Just to see her again.

I se…

The Journey (Not a short story)

Hi all,

Thought it's high time I returned where I belong. I've kept away from nearly everything for long and I guess, it has not done me good. Hm... Anyways, here I'm - back again in Blogosphere. I wonder how many of my friends remember me and how many I can catch up with.

I started writing this as a short story but towards the end I realised that it has too much of a personal and biographical touch to it. So, instead of posting it in my creative writing blog, I thought it's best posted here. This pretty much tells you what kept me away from all of you.

The bus rolled down to a halt at one of the many bends of the Ghats. The scene outside my window is one of those breath taking ones – the deep green slope that runs down into even greener plains, the distant blue trickle of a stream, the birds hovering a few feet below me, the myriad hues of the evening sky, the scattered clouds, the blushing orange sun standing half veiled by…

Lost, found and lost again...

It's an endless game, I suppose.

When I had my first break-up, I was determined never to fall in love again. And then I meet this angel of a girl who was more than willing to be my lady love. We got along and it was all fine except that her family was dead against it. I had no clue as to why anyone would say such a big 'NO' to our relationship. We ignored the obstacles and went ahead.

I don't know when but at some point in time, she started avoiding me. No. I'm sure it was not because she loved me any lesser. But she couldn't fight against all the odds at her home - the alienation, the frequent quarrels at home... and then her own anticipations about her career and future. I can see how trapped she must have felt. After all, she is a girl in this society and she has her LIMITS.

The reason for her family's objection to our relationship was something that still quiz my senses. As if like a ridiculous fate, even before we got along, they had a very bad opinion…