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Leaders will come to rule but we have ourselves to survive...

Biggest joke of the year, at least until now -- Yogi Adityanath's government completes 100 days in power in UP, and he himself evaluates his governance and gives 100/100 for himself! Wow! What did improve in UP than shutting down slaughter houses and stopping 'bapujis' of government offices from chewing beetle leaves and spitting around? Working in a media firm, I hear at least a couple of reports of gang rapes or someone getting killed in broad daylight in UP by cow vigilantes. I'm not saying UP has become worse after Yogi but if this was the situation even before, what did actually improve there if the women, children and some men just because they belong to Islam by faith are not safe in that state still? And one of the highlights projected by the Yogi was the success of the unofficial (maybe official) anti-Romeo squads for the protection of women in the state! REALLY? Ever since then we've had more and more YouTube videos of some unruly uncouth gangs of guys br…

Who knows what Siva thinks?

My search for 'Siva' or 'Sivam' continues...
I must tell you - among the Hindu trinity, Lord Siva has the most intriguing characteristics.
It is said that the three lords viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara (Siva) takes care of the three parameters of existence or mortality viz. birth, life and death respectively.
No one ever talks about Brahma, the God of bringing life, and I think it's pretty much understandable because you can talk only if you're born and that purpose is already served.
Then comes the constant argument, 'spiritually' scholarly debates and more as to who among the other two is the greatest of the Gods.
There are people who lean towards Vishnu by worshiping him in his 10 different avatars, and then there are the clueless Siva seekers who have this gut feeling that there is more than what the senses can perceive about Siva but cannot dine out a winning argument.
I'm one among the latter.
I must warn you that the following is absolutely not a…