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Love or something like it - Kenny Rogers

"Love Or Something Like It"
Show me a bar with a good looking woman
Then just get out of my way
Turn on the jukebox, I'll show you a song you should play
Sooner or later a few shots of Bourbon
And I'll think of somethin' to say
Whoa, I can take her or leave her
I'd like to take her away.

Liquor and music, a good combination
If you've got love on the brain
I never knew two women who acted the same
Some want a drink first, and some want to just sit and talk
Whoa, oh, it's two in the mornin'
I'm running' and she wants to walk.

Something's got a hold on me
It's cheap but it ain't free
Love or somethin' like it's got a hold on me.

That's when I asked her, my place or your place
I hope I'm not out of line
I asked the wrong thing, but just the right woman this time
She knew a hotel, she even had a name we could sign
Whoa, oh, the cheaper the grapes are, the sweeter the taste of the wine.

Something's got a hold on me
It's cheap but i…