Tasha'a Day Out

I'm not too sure how much she enjoyed it? I took Tasha for a walk today. She was chasing the loose end of my trousers most of the time than she was walking. Well, this is her first day out and a prelude to the daily routine that she'd have to follow here on.

She was less than two months old when I brought her home. I did buy a collar belt and a chain for her. But she being too tiny, the red, cute and studded belt proved too big for her neck. When I first tried it two weeks back she performed rather an acrobatic stunt and showed me how easily she could slip out of it. "Did she grin at me after that?". Well, I might have imagined that.

Anyways, she walked around un-threatned for the past two weeks and the collar belt and chain lay on top of my almari. But her lady luck, I presume, has betrayed her. I noticed that she has grown a bit in these two weeks. Actually it was one of friends who noticed her longer legs. "Why not try the collar now?". The thought flashed my mind and without sparing a minute, I took the belt and chain, dusted it and tried it around her neck. "Good gracious!". Perfect Fit!! She has grown indeed! She tried her old acrobatic stunt but ended up seeing me grinning back at her. Ok. So her rather careless, exercise free days are over. She can no longer gobble up every odd stuff and expect it to remain in her tummy, which she uses as a cushion when she lie down. She has to sweat it out now. Poor Tasha. I do feel sorry for her lying all tired and worn out because of her first ever proper exercise. But it's better to see her lying round lazy and fatigued and all that just due to over eating!

The next challenge would be her potty training. This has to be done with some immediacy. Did I tell you that she sleeps in her room? Well, she does and I myself need a map and (possibly) some kind of a shit-detector to walk around in my room! One of my lady friends with a fair sense of humour said I'm possibly getting the training to father my infant. Really? But changing diapers could possibly not be as difficult as this one. Or, would it be? Let me wait and find out!


Steven Anthony said…
I totally understand. I just went through this with my puppy lola. And the potty training, well dont even get me started..lol

Good luck my friend:)
Extremity said…
oh yeah..u do sound like a father already...
and sure a lucky daughter waiting for u..

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