Happy News, Happy-Happy News!!

As I've told you earlier, I got into a website as a Sub Editor. I joined on the 1st of June. 3 days into my new job and I've two of my stories up in the site. Isn't this a moment to rejoice? To get published was a dream that I've been cherishing since a long, long time. And it's happening now.

I request you to pay a visit to our site and get back to me with your valuable feed backs. The link to the site is - www.yentha.com

Also, the links to my stories are -

A Boat Club With A Difference - www.yentha.com/news/view/4/559


The Age Of The Screenagers - www.yentha.com/news/view/3/530

There are more interesting stuff in our site for people who would like to know more about my city - Trivandrum.

Do visit the site, friends.

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