"Selfish", "Unconcerned" and a "Goon"

Ye! Exactly. "Selfish" and "Unconcerned" are two new adjectives that people have found to describe me and "Goon" is my new designation.

All this started with me proposing to my best friend's sister. He's throughly against it and he made a big fuss over the whole thing. I thought he objected to the relationship because I was a penniless bastard. But no. He did call me a "bastard" though! But me being penniless is not his issue. It seems that I'm a very SELFISH and UNCONCERNED (also read as CARELESS) individual and that his sister would never be happy with me. Good enough! After all, he's a brother, right? But I'm hurt. So terribly hurt! I wonder what other things he would've talked about me at my back? And he was telling me that this relationship wouldn't work because his sister is too much of an emotional person for me to handle!

And the story behind me being a "Goon" goes like this - The same girl had a boy friend who was a big time sucker. She was suffering under him and she didn't know how to get out of it. So, I took it as my responsibility to help her out of that relationship. I counselled her out of it very systematically and finally she said her parting words to him. But he started acting crazy. He even went to the extent of stalling her at their office. When things seemed to be steering out of control, I went and met this guy and tried to reason out things with him. But 10 minutes into that conversation, I found him to be a very unstable mind. So I did the next best thing possible - warned him in a very mild way to be out of this girl's life. I asked him not to bother her too much unless he wanted the situation to worsen. And when this news about me having a meeting with her x-boyfriend reached her parents, they assumed that her brother send me to threaten the guy out of any mischief. And so, now I'm a "goon" for hire who goes around threatening boyfriend's causing trouble to their girlfriends!

I heard someone telling me that 2010 is going to be an eventful and great year for me. It obviously seems to be so!!!

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