After a long, long while...

I have been away from blogging for a long, long while now. I'm not back here to stay either. My life has been a mix of god and bad, as it always was.

When, on one side, I've gone a good way up in my career (I'm currently working as the Sub Editor for a web 2.0 based media house), my personal life has not been an easy one. The issue is the same - love-relationship. I hate myself to have fallen for a girl again. No. Not because she's bad. In fact, she's an angel. She's one of the finest girl, I've ever come across - full of love and compassion. But there lies the problem too. Her family thinks I'm a man with no morals or a character. This society that I'm living in, takes me for a loose, unreliable individual. And all this because I had a past relationship with a girl in which, I made a lot of mistakes and also because of my general attitude towards the norms and double-standard belief of the people around.

I mean, I react when parents keep two separate rules for a girl and a boy. They say falling in love is 'wrong' to their daughters and when it's their boy, it's 'kind'a ok' for them! What? Why? I ask these questions and I don't mince my words when I do that. Hence, the stamp on me that I'm someone with lose morals. Here, people talk about our children getting influenced by Western culture! But who buy them the latest laptops, wall mounting LCD TVs, mobile phones, internet connections so on and so forth? Are they still wearing the good old hand woven cotton clothes alone? No. A cultural influence from the West is indispensable! Even the westerners are taking to Yoga and Ayurveda. It's us who don't value it and still keep believing that they are all products of myth! Ok, ok...Let me not blabber too much.

I'm here to tell you all that I'm a broken man again. And this time, it's not the girl who cheated on me or anything. But my good old, conservative, traditional society has given me the seal of a 'bad, irresponsible individual' and snatched away a girl whom I love with all my heart.

I wouldn't say, I can't bear this pain. I can. I can... I can bear the pain of parting. But the reason for them snatching her away from me is something I can never accept or ever forgive anyone for. Her parents blame me for something I never did.

Feel like crying my heart out. Feel like banging my head on the wall. Feel like... Maybe just die!

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