Cops, Bike and my loss!

Hm! Been away for a while now. And I doubt how much I can blog from now on. I'm planning to move to a new place with a new job and stuff. Not that I got a new job. I'm still on a job hunt. Things're not moving as I planned. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my motorcycle was ceased by the cops 'coz I didn't have the relevant papers to prove my ownership of the vehicle. The thing is that I lost it on my way on a long ride and the cops and officials are just having a good time screwing my happiness. I've been trying to get a duplicate of the papers from the authorities for about a month and odd. People are simply so unresponsive and heartless. My bike's at a police station about 400kms from my home and I've been traveling up and down almost every other weekend for a while now. I agree that driving my bike without the relevant papers was not right. But the attitude of the cops sucks big time. Each time I visit them, they ask me to produce some other document and when I go back with what they asked me for, they 'd just shrug their shoulder and say, "Ok. Now where is the other document?". I mean, what do they really want? Bribe? I'm ready to do that. But I really need my bike back. I brought it with my hard earned money and I'm still paying the monthly installment for a bike that I'm not riding anymore. OMG! What the hell is happening? Why is this world such a sucking place to live in? Why do they have to make someone's life so difficult? The latest update is that I again did my up-down trip yesterday. This time I had all the documents they asked me for but I still didn't get my bike back! Guess why? The officer who attended to me on the day my bike was caught is on leave!!!! Ridiculous!!!! Can you believe this? A cop on leave and no one to substitute him! The other f#@!ing men in uniform there said that they didn't know where to find the logbook in which the other gentleman entered the details of the arrest! And so, I'll have to travel all the 400kms again on Monday. I do not know what's going to happen on Monday. But I've decided to forget my bike for good if I can't get it back on Monday. I mean, there's a limit to which they can make me run around for something. And yes. That's it. I'd decide to loose that bike forver. Let them do whatever they want with it. I can't be bothered anymore!!

And that's my dear bike - Yamaha Gladiator

Oh! How much I miss you...

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