Thanks to the age old Ayurveda!!!

Now, now, don't get scared! That's my Ayurvedic face mask to treat the marks left by chickenpox. I must admit that it's really working wonders. In a month's time those marks declared by doctors as incurable have vanished to a great degree. Can't say that my face looks the same. But it sure has improved a lot! Also the texture and complexion of my facial skin has improved - I feel it to be more supple and healthy.

The treatment goes like this - Apply and retain the mask, which is Rosewood powder mixed in Nalpamarathi Oil (No idea what this is called in English) for an hour and wash it off. Apply Kumkumathi Lepam (Vermilion paste) once your face has dried. Do this before your night's sleep so that you wouldn't have to wash off the Vermilion paste. You can wash your face with a mild face-wash in the morning.

Special note: Nalpamarathi Oil is a wonder medicine for almost all your skin problems. It really does improve one's complexion when used on a regular basis. It is also a wonder medicine for treating dandruff, dry scalp, scaly and chipped skin, wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes and many others. It is one of the most preferred baby oil and which is used to treat stretch marks and other skin problems after pregnancy. For young girls, if you wish to have that glowing, supple skin, there's nothing better than Nalpamarathi Oil.

And the best part of the story is that unlike other cosmetic treatments, you don't have to throw money over your head for particular brands and you need least worry about any side effects! What more? You can do it at your convenience and at your home. And that means - no worry about doctor's bills and no visit to any skin clinics!

Before (Taken a month and a half back)

After (Taken today)

Thanks to the age old Ayurveda!!!

Now, tell me folks - was I exaggerating one bit???

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