"... miles to go before I sleep; And miles to go before I sleep."

Ah! It's difficult to keep in touch with you all without the system at my home. Now, did I tell you that I sold my old computer? I guess not.

And yes. That's the latest update from me. Since the past couple of months, I got into this exercise of cutting short my expenses so as to save some money and payoff my debts that has been pending for a while now. So, as a first step, I sold my computer which means I no longer have to pay any internet bills. It wasn't an easy thing to do 'coz internet surfing, blogging and on-line games were the only entertainment for this recently friendless me. I felt as if a part of my daily life had vanished! Unlike I expected of me-self, I got over that feeling pretty soon. I thought of investing my time in reading and photography but in vain. My camera got damaged in a minor accident that I met with on my bike. Though nothing happened to me, my camera got severely damaged. I took it to a service centre and they gave a whooping estimate for the repair. And so, I sold my camera too. But that was a real lose. I can do without a computer and the internet. At least I could get into an internet cafe if I'm so desperate for it. Besides, I can access my personal mails and stuff at my office itself. But loosing my camera... Oh! I feel so handicapped! But wait, I've better plans!! I'm gon'a save money and buy a professional camera. Though it'll take me some time, it's worth the wait and hard work! I've my eyes on the following two models:

Canon EOS 1000D

Nikon D90

Any suggestions as to which one would be a better one for an amateur like me?

Also, there are other things happening in my life which are keeping me away from you people. I got a chance to see the real side of the ones whom I considered my best buddies. Frankly, more than hurting me, it repulsed me. How could people be such hypocrites? Let whatever their "good intentions" be, the way they made me a subject of such distasteful tales was nothing short of sheer atrocity! Now, I don't wish to get into any details of this. Let my dirty linens be washed in my privacy.

In spite of all these hard times, I'm a much happier and worthier person than what I used to be. Maybe that my hard times did teach me a lesson or two! I still have things to do before I can even think of giving me-self a break or rest - "... miles to go before I sleep; And miles to go before I sleep" (Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost).

It is so said that there's a woman behind every man's success. I do not know how true it is! 'coz it was a girl who was more or less responsible for the downfall in my past and it's again a girl, who just pulled me up a deep dungeon of despair. Her mere presence in my life is making me experience things that I longed for... Ok. Ok. It's better that I stop here...

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