Sunday Syndrome

Sundays are always different, isn't it? I mean, have you felt it that way? We may have been home bound on other days too. But Sundays are always different - they're laid back. People wakeup late. It's like even the inanimate things in your house like your writing desk, the flowers outside your window and even your bathroom knows this! I got up today morning to find the plants outside my window drenched in yesterday night's rain, all looking sleepy. Mind you, the time was half past 8.

Then it was my bike. It wouldn't start at the first stroke of the kicker. And even after it got started, it started grumbling that I give it no rest! Surprisingly I found even my watch lagging behind in time. Now, can you believe that? I thought the battery had gone weak but not. I corrected the time and it's running alright now. I mean, I'm surprised at this whole thing!

I stepped into my bathroom to brush my teeth but the water wouldn't flow out of the tap before some gurgling and spitting. It seemed like I woke up the tap from a deep slumber and it was swearing at me. The only thing that was as alive and kicking around was my pet dog - Tasha. She was up and running around and climbing over me just like she would, any other day. She was waiting, as always, for me to open the door of my room and soon as I came out she came to play with me with the golf ball I gave her. But I couldn't shake out the Sunday syndrom out of me and I shooed her away. I feel bad about it now, though!

So, how was your Sunday?

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