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As some of you might have noticed, I'm not very regular in the Blogosphere as I used to be. But that's not true. I may not be doing a daily post. But I do keep my blogs updated. I maintain a series of blogs and when I'm not attending to this blog, I might be updating one of my other blogs. Hence I've never been out of circulation, per say! If you have found this blog interesting, my other blogs are equally interesting as well. As I said, I maintain a series of blogs viz. 7 (including this one) as listed below. I'd request you to visit my other blogs too (ie. if you're interested!).

I'll list out my other blogs below with a brief of what you'd find in there:

1. Creative Writing - I first started experimenting with creative writing back in 1998 when I was still in school. I didn't give it much attention to it then. Neither did anyone else. What was so much in me came out when I was doing the first year of Engineering degree which, I discontinued half way through my second year. All those mathematical theorems and equations made no sense to me. Instead I found beauty and meaning in life, sitting at the window of my hostel room and gazing out into stretch of barren land with sun-burnt shrubs, majestic trees with a green cap and the cattle moving around, sometimes falling dead tired on the ground under the extremely hot sun. The scene, I know, was nothing to inspire an artistic mind. But my imagination took wings on one of those nights under the star studded sky. I sat sleepless at the verandah of my hostel with a pen and paper in hand and I wrote my first short story. I couldn't wait for the sun to come up and... my friends liked were all applause for my story. It was a revelation to me. I knew what I was made for and I quit Engineering without hesitating much! I came back to my home town to do a B.A in English and took to writing as a profession. And here I'm, a Copy/Content writer and almost a year and a half into the profession.

Take a look at my Creative Writing (Short Stories & Poems) @ Just Gibberish...

2. Photography - Yet another passion of mine though I have never undergone a professional training in it. My first Camera was a point and shoot Kodak film camera. I bought it with my piggy bank savings when I was in my high school. I tried experimenting with it but had to give it up soon owing to the expenses (film processing, new film rolls etc.) incurred by the equipment. I got my first digital camera - Canon Powershot A550 - back in 2007. It was my best purchase ever and I started experimenting with photography again, thanks to the guidance of my then girl friend who shared the same interest with me. Recently, I sold that camera too and am saving to buy a professional one.

Go through my Photography Experiments @ Shutterbug Clicking Away...

3. Travel - This is yet another passion of mine. The first long trip that I made all alone was kind of a pilgrimage when I was in my high school. I went around visiting some of the major temples in Kerala, changing one bus after the other and spending my nights in the bus to my next destination. It was a two day trip and I'd cherish it forever. But my real travel expeditions started when I got my first scooter. I must have been utter crazy to have made those 300-400 km + trips on a low powered typical urban machine (the one shown aside). But my passion for long rides got the better of me and I must say, I enjoyed every kilometre of my rides! I now own a more powerful bike and am waiting to make other long trips if and when I get a break from my highly demanding job!

Read about my travel expeditions @ Where The Roads Take Me

4. Music - Both me-self and my sister owe our talent in singing to our Dad. He was a great singer (not a professional though he once maintained a music band of his own). None of us are professional singers, for a matter of fact. My sister is an Engineer, my dad was a doctor and I needn't tell what my profession is, need I? But we all sing quite well and have won prizes in many competitions too.

Listen to me Singing @ Ekan Learns to Sing...

5. Creative Ads - And that's my job - writing creative copies for advertisements. I wouldn't claim that I've mastered the art. Brevity is not one of my virtues and hence, for me to say a message in a few words is like attempting to condense the whole of an epic in a single line! But I've managed to pull off a few stunts.

Checkout my creative ads @ Ekan's Creative Catalogue

6. Stories from Mythology - Last but not the least, this is a blog where I post all those beautiful stories from the Indian Mythology that my dad used to tell me and my sis when we were kids. Not all the stories are a reproduction of what I heard more than 15 years back. I definitely do refer to some texts and online to get the whole story. Never the less, it's an interesting read if you are someone interested in Indian (or more precisely) Hindu Mythology.

Indulge in Indian mythical tales @ Myths, tales and more...

So, there you're... I've given you the links for all my blogs. I request again, to people who'd be interested, to pay my other blogs a visit.

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