Ekan returns to Blogoshpere!

Ah! After a long, long time! Many of you might have forgotten me. But a special Thanks to Steven Anthony, Brian Miller, Betty, Meenakshi, Ocean Girl, Dean and Lena who even in my absence and irregular appearances, followed me through never the less. These people made me feel that I'm really missed in the wonderful Blogosphere. THANK YOU ALL, THANKS A LOT!!!

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last sat down to write about a few 'Truths" about "Me-self". My life has taken an entirely different curve. So much to tell you all...

Let me start with my job. Some of you might have read one of my previous posts wherein I talked about getting into a new Advertising Agency as a Copy Writer. My job's going well. I'm the one and only Copy Writer in this firm and I'm shocked at the amount of work I'm capable of handling. I did about 5 print ads, a few news letters and odd works at my previous company and I was doing a lousy job. And when it was time of my review, my boss said he was not happy with my work. Eventually I had to resign to preserve my dignity. My moral was hitting the (-) scales and I went about trying for other jobs. I was not confident to take up the job of a Copy Writer which I loved but was not able to handle efficiently. I then got a call from this company and my new boss said I'll have to start working on assignments from day one. I was scared but I agreed. Surprise! Surprise!! I could do it. And with the number of assignments pouring in every day, I never had the time to feel under-confident or anything. And the result - In 2 months in this company, I completed almost three times the amount of work that I did in 6 months in my previous company. Do check out my new blog showcasing my works - Ekan's Creative Catalogue (Click on the title).

Hm! Now to talk about my Love Life... I better not say anything much about it. I don't think I'm someone lucky enough in that department. No. This time the girl didn't cheat me or hurt me. It's my pennilessness that's keeping us apart. All I need is time and I'm trying hard to buy just that. Will I succeed? Just wait and watch!

Tasha (my 10 months old black-she-labrador) has grown taller! She reaches up to my chest when she stands on her two hind legs. Now, does that sound scary or cute? It's more than a cute thing for me! And my God! The little girl has the appetite of an Alligator, I guess! And the next most fascinating news is that she has fond a friend in a little-tiny-winy frog. I don't know from where, but since the last one month or so, there comes a little frog visiting Tasha every evening when the clock strikes 7 and she carries it around in her mouth and plops it down wherever she please. The froggy then starts hopping around for a while with her chasing it and it disappears after a while only to visit her the next day! Now, isn't that an amazing thing to happen?

Well, folks, there are still more things to say but let me not talk too much.

Keep in touch and I'll try not to go out of circulation again.

And finally, THANKS once again for your visits and comments on my posts even when I was away!

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