Giant Dogs!!!

Many of you might be aware of my interest in dogs. While surfing the internet the day before, I happened to stumble up on an article talking about the Giant Dog Breeds. I got interested and searched the net for more information. The results were fascinating. Until now, I was under the impression that the St. Bernard was the biggest dog breed. But I was wrong. The St. indeed is a massive breed but there are tough competitors for the laid back one. No wonder he always has that 'sad' look on his face!

Just for information - The world's heaviest and largest dog in known history is claimed to be a Saint Bernard named Benedictine, which measured 9 ft in length and weighed 162 kg (357 lbs), although an 1895 New York Times report mentions a St. Bernard named Major F. who was longer. Benedictine surpassed Zorba, the largest English mastiff on record, in both length and weight. Zorba measured 8 feet, 3 inches long and weighed 343 lb. - Courtesy: Wikipedia 

Tallest Dog on the Planet!!!

Let's meet 'Giant Geroge', the world's tallest dog according to the Guinness World Records.

Standing at seven feet and three inches from head tail and weighing 245 pounds, he’s not just a Great Dane; he’s the ‘greatest’ Dane! Guinness World Records today announced that ‘Giant George’, a Great Dane from Tucson, Arizona, USA, owned by David Nasser, is the new Guinness World Records holder of the Tallest Dog title. The new ‘top dog’ measures 43 inches from paw to shoulder as verified by a Guinness World Records adjudicator who visited the dog after controversy surrounding his height required an in-person measurement. ‘Giant George’ inched out the previous record holder, Titan, by 0.75 inches to claim the crown.


Now, let me show you the pics. of some of the biggest, largest and tallest dogs around the world. I can't identify the breed of all of them. Have mentioned the ones I could spot. I'd appreciate if you can help me with identifying the rest.

Great Dane

Irish Wolfhound

English Mastiff

Great Dane

Bull Mastiff

English Mastiff

I love these giant friends of man. Wish I could own one of them some day...

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