A few handi-works

When I was still in school, I had a great liking for handicrafts. It used to be my favourite pass-time to make different stuff which are not more than a decorative piece or at times, something that serves a purpose. For some reason I didn't continue doing it. But when 'she' heard about this from me, she encouraged me, persuaded me and even forced me to try my hand at a forgotten art that I used to follow so religiously almost 12 years back. With much reluctance, as I was not sure whether I still remembered how to do all that, I agreed to try making some stuff. I couldn't start off immediately as I was not too confident with my hands anymore when it comes to subtle creations. But her persistence got the better of my reluctance and I sat down to make a wall hanging for her.

Now this is a simple thing to make with a couple of sticks and woolen yarn! Tell me, how it is?

This is the first one I made for a trial.


I got the hang of it and made this one for my girl.

But I couldn't stop there. I had to make her something more and I made this one for her.

Any guess what it is?

Well take a look at this...

Sorry. No prize for guessing it.

I made this one using a coconut shell. I scrapped away the fiber on it, polished it using sand paper and used acrylic paint on it. Later I gave it a varnish coating to make it look a bit glossy.

So, tell me friends, are they good ones? Were they a good gift for my girl? I guess so...

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