This is ridiculuos!!!


I got my bike back!!!

Yes! I got my bike back from the cops. But the whole drama was nothing short of ridiculous. For the ones who are not familiar with the story, let me begin from the beginning - It was 10.30 on the cold December night, the 5th 2008 and I started my bike for a ride to Coimbatore, 400 km away from my home town to meet my friends. It was a much awaited trip and I started the ride with great enthusiasm and much fun to look forward to. I rode through the chilling night to reach Coimbatore by around 9 in the morning. No sooner than I entered the city limit, the traffic cops stopped me. They asked me for my licence and when I produced it they asked me for the relevant papers to prove that the bike was mine. It was only then I realized that I lost it on the way!

I still remember that wicked grin on the cop's face when I told him that I didn't have the papers with me. I tried my best to convince them about my situation but they wouldn't listen. They ceased my vehicle and from then on it was a tough time for me. I traveled all the way up and down on almost every weekend to get my bike back. So much of money and time was wasted over the past few weekends and in vain. And finally I got my bike yesterday after bribing the cops with a petty Rs. 500 ($ 12.5)!!!

Is that all? Did they make me run around and waste so much of money for just Rs. 500??? I know it sounds very funny to say this but I would've felt better if they had asked me for more!

Now, isn't this ridiculous?

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