I'd love you as much as I love some sleep!

I'm typing this sitting in my office. Am I allowed to? Not exactly. But I can do it if I don't have any other work to do. But, do I have any other work to do? Yes, of course. A branding assignment for a car-audio accessory shop is hanging heavy over my head. But I'm not able to concentrate. And why? 'coz my head is feeling too heavy and there is flame in my eyes and I'm longing for that deep, dreamless sleep.

Ye! It goes like this. Yesterday was Mahashivrathri (I'll talk about it in my other blog - Myths, Tales & More), a Hindu festival and you need to (not mandatory, though) stay awake the whole night and can welcome sleep only after the first star makes an appearance on the indigo sky. Me-self, along with a couple of my cousins and an uncle went on a tour of many Shiva temples in and around my city. We started driving at 8 p.m yesterday and returned home at 6 a.m today morning. Staying awake on the move was not a tough thing for me. But once I returned to the cozy comfort of my room, my eyes started to get heavier and heavier. I tried listening to music to stay awake. It didn't work. So I started scribbling in my diary. A few minutes into that exercise, I caught my hands wandering all over the page and instead of any writings, there were lines criss-crossed all over the page. I stopped that too. In my desperateness to stay awake, I  next turned to my bed (Now, wasn't that the last thing I shuld've done? Funny me!)! I saw a Perry Mason lying at the edge of my bed and I sat down to read (and that too, to stay awake!). Flipping through the pages, I automatically leaned on to my pillow and the rest is history! You can guess what would've happened!

Well I had to wake up in an hour 'coz it was getting late for my office. And here I'm sitting at my desk, staring at the inanimate screen of my computer and scribbling what I couldn't a few hours back. God, save me!

I've never loved and longed for sleep before. EVER!!! Ah! But this is a trial. Look at how perfectly I'm going to stay awake and chanting the next year on the same occasion.

Wish me "Good Luck" guys. I really, really need it!

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