Past the 10k limit!

It so happens that I applied for job in my home town after putting in applications in many a companies in the bigger cities. I never expected to get that job. But as luck would have it, they called me for an interview and yes... You guessed it right - I got that job. I got my second lease of life as a Copy Writer with an Advertising Agency. I know where I went wrong in my previous job and I'm sure I'd not repeat it again. I'm gon'a put my heart and soul in this and I AM going to come up with copies better than ever. I've promised to give it my best shot! Whether I'm good or bad at it, I'm going to be a Cop Writer. I've chosen my career path and that's it!

Better even, for the first time ever I'm placed as a permanent employee and not as a trainee. The best part of the story is that I got a job which pays me more than Rs. 10,000! Oh! How I longed to cross that mark! I was sick of that figure and when was I putting in my applications for a new job I was hoping against hopes that I'd be paid more than 10k. I was ready to fall at my employer's feet to make it at least Rs. 10,001! Also, I had my sleeves rolled up for a good stunt if anyone dared tell me that's all I'am worth! Can anyone imagine my frustration of being stuck in a baseline salary scale for the past two years? Well, it's pretty frustrating (FYI).

So, GOOD BYE 10k... GOOD BYE and I bet I'll never see you again!!!

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