Best Blog Buddy Award

I always complain that virtual friends are not just enough to sustain a social life. While I might be true in what I say, I must confess that it's only my virtual friends that I met in Blogosphere who were a reason that I'm still sane. My life, as I observe, has been a roller-coaster ride so far. The most unexpected things happen at the most unexpected time. I get a job I've been dreaming of one day and the next day the word goes around that I'm a mother f#{k@r. Sometimes, I find it too difficult to keep pace with the events in my life. Sometimes it's too tiring and all I want to do is just shrug off everything, take a break and go on a bike ride to free my spirit. And I've been writing about all these in my various blogs. If not for the Blogosphere, I would've continued feeling unwanted, unheard and hurt when some of the most important people in my life turned against me, when my friends deserted me over the most unreasonable things.

Here, I've found new friends, started reading about the life that different people lead in other corners of this world. It came as a great comfort to me to know that I'm not the only person in this world who had to go through all the hardships of life. Their entries about the events in their life have opened my eyes to a larger world. And some of you have stuck to me through my thick and thin, reassuring me that things'll get better when I felt down and cheering me when I was in my good spirits. You, my faceless friends, people whom I've never met before or known personally gave me the strength to move on... And so here I'm, giving out an award honouring the friendship that some of you have extended to me. You've been great people teaching me simple but effective lessons in life to forgive, to express me-self, to move on...

Here're my picks:

Steven Anthony @ Life in the Fish Bowl
Brian @ WaystationOne
Cathy Clementz @ Yooper Yarns
Betty Manousos @ Cut and Dry
Kaiserin Sisi @ Ramblings of a Hotelier's Wife
Lena @ What Lena Leaves
Otin @ Wizard of Otin
Shadow @ 1 door away from haven

They have been friends who took the pain to visit my blog even when I was not responding to their comments or giving them a visit in return. I thank them for their companionship and for understanding me. All these people maintain great blogs and some of them have more than one blog under his/her hood. Please pay them a visit.

And here's the award:


This is a no rule award. You can pass it over to any number of friends you want. And you needn't satisfy any condition except that you have been a good friend to receive this award.

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