Listen to me sing!!!

Hi All,

I'm trying to make this post look like a personal mail to you all. This has been one of the most happiest days of all and since I cannot be sending a mail to all of you personally, I'd rather revert to this space where I can get you all together. I was feeling very blue today and decided to spend my evening at a bar where I can see real human beings around me. Now I don't mean to discredit the support that any of you have rendered me. But... Hope you can understand. I mean, how long can a person be happy with just virtual companions?

So with the soul purpose of seeing real-life human beings, I walked into a bar and ordered a Haywards 5000 beer. That's my personal favourite since it is a strong one. I don't take any hard drinks unless the occasion is such. And I don't like to get drunk at any moment in my life. It really scares me to get drunk. I'd shamelessly confess this to you all. A couple of beers is enough to make me feel high and anything more would knock me off my senses. My capacity for drinks is nothing that'd bring a smile to anyone's face :(. But that's ok. After all I shouldn't be ashamed of what I'm, right?

Anyways, my capacity for liquor is not what I wanted to share with you all...

I saw this group of boys sitting right opposite to me and they were having the day of their lives - getting drunk, bitching about the girls in their lives and so on (Ahem! I know that's not something that many of you might have heard off. But we men, do bitch about the women in their lives. Just that we are too proud to admit it! Guys, don't take any offence 'coz I'm exposing you and women, please take it cool. If you can bitch about us, so can we. It's just a square deal!). Anyways... I enjoyed watching their boyish pranks and stuff and when I got bored looking at all that I started playing music in my MP3 player. Since I forgot to take my earphone with me, I had to switch on my loud speaker. I was discreet enough to keep the volume low so that only I could listen to the songs. And then it so happened that one of the guys sitting at the opposite table requested me to play the music louder. I did. The good old melodies played one after the other for everyone to listen. And when they got over with their drinks, the same guy got up, walked to my table and hugged me. JUST LIKE THAT!!! I was shocked at this. I looked rather quizzically at his face and he said, "My God! Your sense for music is... Excellent!!! You just transported me to another world with the collection of songs you have!".

Now, now... I was enthralled at this response which I least expected! I didn't have words to thank him for what he just did to me! I sat there wearing the best of my smiles on my face. "Thank you" is all I could say.

"Do you sing?", he asked me.

"Yes. But..."

He didn't let me complete.

"Come on. I can see that you sing. I did hear you humming to the tunes in your MP3 player. Can you just sing a song for me?"

Can you believe this? A total stranger and he's asking me to sing for him. Even I couldn't miss the chance to make someone happy and so I sang a song for him. When I finished singing, there I saw him looking at me rather intensely. He looked at me... I couldn't say what was going through his mind. But he just hugged me a second time and patted me and said, "You're gifted, dear friend! Really!".

My God! Do I deserve all this? No. I'm not being any modest here. I'm just... Excited... Enthralled... Happy... Ah yes. HAPPY as happiness could ever be!

And let me share with you all the song I sang at the bar today. This is a song in Malayalam (my mother tongue) and I know you'll make no sense of it. Yet... I don't know how better I can share my happiness with you all...

PST: This is the same song I sang to my PYT the other day. And there is a line in the song that says "lasyavathiyayi deevi varumo, ekaantha dhyanam theerkkan..." which means "will you present yourself in front of me coyly enough to end my lonely penance". This song is in Hamsadhwani raga and is supposed to have the power to win a woman's heart!!! OMG! Why couldn't my PYT ever understand how madly I'm in love with her?

Ah! Anyways... Listen to me singing. Here I go - 

And here is the original song - This is one of my favourite songs composed by M. Raveendran. I know, I couldn't sing as good as the gifted K.J Yesudas. It'd take me a few more births (If there is something like re-births!) to have a voice as good as his!!!


Steven Anthony said…
Omg....Just when I think you can not surprise me, you do. Although I could not understand the words, your voice transported me to a place of happiness...You not only write from your heart, but sing as well..

I will be humming this tune all day with a big smile on my face, thank you my friend, for you not only brought joy to the man in the bar, but me as well!

Kelly Muys Wood said…
I love it! Why can't we see your pretty mug? I demand a redo!

Ekanthapadhikan said…
Blush! I'm already all pink and red that people really did listen to me sing! I'd rather shy away from showing you all how funny I look when I sing!
Scarlet said…
Your version is more heartfelt, more touching. I played it while reading your post and it had a profound effect on me. Maybe it's the mood I'm in. :)
4evernite said…
Ekan, so glad we're friends but yes, sometime we need actual human companionship. Interesting story and your voice is spectacularly moving, even if I don't understand the words. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)
You have a lovely voice. Thank you for sharing that with us. You have such a big heart, my friend. :) Any girl would be lucky to win your affections!
Kaiserin Sisi said…
Although I don't understand the words, your voice alone shows your emotion! Thanks for sharing :-)
Hey your voice is so moving! Thank you.
And I must tell you that I loved your story and your wtiting. (the way you choose the words).
I came back. I listened to them twice, and i think for the rest of the day. Such a wonderful and calm voice. Like a calm sea. It's a delight to hear you singing!
Cathy Clementz said…
Thank you for sharing your voice and a song from your country. The rhythm reminds me of a lullabye.
Valerie said…
Hi, I'm a new girl here. Came just in time as well, in time to listen to your song. I must say you have a wonderful voice. I'll be back to read more of your blog.
TechnoBabe said…
You have an interesting blog and it sounds like an open heart and a beautiful voice.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Wow, you have a lovely voice. I'd hug you too!
Eva Gallant said…
I so enjoyed your singing. Even though I don't understand the words, the song has a lilting, haunting quality. I think your rendition is as good as the professional one; it only lacked the accompaniment. I don't see how your PYT could residt!
SupahMommy said…
Hey Ekan..

so pretty.... I found myself humming to my M while we played together.

and soon enough you won't be able to enjoy such liberties as going out to enjoy a beer on your own.

What I wouldn't give somedays. :)

cheers to you.
viji said…
Hey...just happened to go through your this one as got such an awesome voice!!....i would have heard the song some 10times of my fav songs too..keep writing n singing!!

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