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Now, here is something I wanted to talk about since a long while. The difference between a male and a female in this country and how the mere configuration of those X and Y chromosomes makes your life different in this planet. Let me begin by saying that this post and my thoughts may not mean anything to fellow bloggers who are from the more socially liberated countries of the world. I'm also skeptical about how many of the women folk would agree with what I say. Yet... I think it's high time I addressed this issue. And mind you, this would, for sure, blow out to be a real social issue in the not so distant future.

In a country where your social life and even your private life for that reason, is always under the scanner, being born as a male or female really does make a difference. The life of a female in my country is really difficult. If she happens to have well defined psychical assets, she cannot walk about in the public with out ducking at least a couple of wicked, vulgar comments thrown at her. She cannot wear a sleeveless or a mini skirt even if the temperature outside is 40+ degree c. Her dignity is put in stake every now and then. Worse still, men consider all this as their moral responsibility to keep their women safe in this world! Sick! Very very SICK!!! Women are fighting against this and men who think rationally are also on their side. They began this struggle for their social freedom since ages and I'm happy to say that they're winning.

Ok. But the issue that I wanted to raise here is not this. If the past held a woman's dignity and social life at stake, the present seems to be putting the very identity of a male at stake. Unlike our forefathers, our parents are bringing up their sons to be more home bound, meek and sensitive to the issues of their female counter parts. That means, the difference between being born as a male and a female is supposedly getting bridged. But is this really happening?

The girl child is encouraged to go out and explore the world and do things that only the male child were allowed to do in the past. And there are enough and more calls of "encore-encore" from all around to encourage them. But the male child is still expected to do all that he's expected to do since ages - win the bread for the family, hold back his tears even when his heart is bleeding with pain, get his sister married off, earn enough for the family to keep going, forsake all his original desires and shoulder all the responsibilities of the family. All these are still his life's duties when the same is only an option for a girl. No one would point their finger at her and say, "you're irresponsible", even when she gives a damn about her family.

Even worse is the fact that when the male child is all encouraged to behave meek and mellow (which they call "being civilised"), he's oppressed emotionally. If he cries, he looses his gender! If he feels anxious about his up coming exams in school, he looses his gender! If he gets depressed at the break up of a love relationship, he looses his gender!  Everyone turns back at him and say in unison, "come on, be a man!".

Sickening more is the expectations the girls have of their prospective men. They want them to be loving, caring, helping, supportive, encouraging, responsible, a friend, rich, brave, tall, fair handsome, broad chested, muscular and above all this, a typical Husband! But they shouldn't behave like a husband. They should not suggest anything. They should ACCEPT their girl's INDIVIDUALITY and FREEDOM!!! They should consider it the women's right for freedom when they behave irresponsible for themselves. In short the guys should just shut their mouth and f#c! off!

When a girl is brought up equipped with all that she needs to do as an adult, the male is left to wonder whether he should act like a man or a MAN!

My God! Is there someone listening to all this? Boys are getting more and more harassed by their female counter parts in this country and it's only that "being a man" attitude that do not let them come out in the public. I'm not exaggerating, I swear. There are more girls ditching their boy friends and more wifes cheating on their husbands than ever before and they all take the shelter of 'Freedom' for doing all that. Marriages are falling apart every hour in this country and more children are being thrown into a world of chaos, confusions and dilemmas. There seems to be more Individuals than children being born in this country.

Anyone who has an idea to counter my statements, please think again. I'm not putting forward an argument here. I'm making a desperate petition.


Anonymous said…
Wow. I was reading this thinking what a contrast(womens issues) to where I live, America. Then I got to the end, about the cheating, divorce ect.... and I realized in many ways our countrys are alike.

On many levels, if you were able to ask, I think American men would tell you they feel the same way. Our roles have been confussed, blurred if you will. Our women are so strong, so capable, it has really made being a man confussing. If your not sensitive your considered a CAVE MAN, IF YOU ARE THAN YOUR THOUGHT TO BE A PUFF. wHAT IS A MAN TO DO?

Ekanthapadhikan said…
That was enlightening. I thought the situation was different in the west. But now, I'm convinced that I was addressing a global issue. The identity of a male is really being threatened now a days. Maybe it's some kind of a punishment for the years of oppressing the women kind. Or maybe this is what Newton meant when he said "every action has an equal and opposite reaction"!
Jo said…
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Jo said…
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