I'm bowled!

Yesterday evening one of my uncles calls me over the phone.

"Hello", I says.

"Ye. Hi, are you free right now. Wanted to discuss something important with you. Can you come over?", he says.

"Sure. Just give me a few minutes. I need to wash up Tasha. That done, I'd be there", says I.

I have a tough time getting Tasha cleaned up and wasting no time, I rush to his place. He has always been a reasonable man and I know that he means it when he says "important".

"Hi! How are you?", I ask him on reaching his house.

"Fine. Sit down. We need to discuss something important"

I take my seat beside him. He looks at me rather thoughtfully and says:

"What do you think about marriage?"

Now, that was completely unpresidented. I least expected that question from him. But I was happy. He has been staying single and I was glad that he was having thoughts of getting married. At least there'd be someone to look after him in his old age.

"It's good. Of course we need someone to look after us when we grow old", I says.

"Good. So what do you think about XYX?"

I was completely taken aback at that question 'coz XYX is his friend's daughter and she's hardly 22 and he is 50. "What in the world is wrong with this man? I always knew him to be someone steady and sane. May be his mid life anxiety is taking a toll on him".

I keep quite. What can I possibly say?

And then things come crashing on me.

"I don't know how seriously you'd take this. But my friend thinks you are a possible suitor for his daughter", he says and looks at me for a response.

Oh mine! Oh mine! Now... Now... "What?", "I mean, how?", "But why?". I start blabbering and the very thought of XYX being my wife sends shivers in my spine. No. Not that she's bad or anything. But this is ridiculous. I've seen her as a little toddler, running around the house in cute little pink panties, wrecking havoc. I've seen her going to school. Have seen her growing up. But I never realised she was grown enough to get married!

And what in the world makes her father think that I'm a suitor for his daughter. Of all the other young men in town, I'm the most unsettled, financially broke and someone who acts like a complete mad-hat, getting into all the funny and embarrassing situations every now and then.

My good God! I really appreciate his guts. I now realise how little parents think about their daughter. They get them married off to a guy just 'coz it's their duty to. Or maybe that they get too worried about getting their daughters married that they over look things.

Whatever... I'm completely bowled over! That was a real googly. Having said all that, I must admit that I'm a lot flattered that the fathers of PYT's in my town do consider me a suitor for their precious little darlings.

And don't ask me what my response was. It's a complete "No-No". One, I don't think I'm prepared for a marriage. Secondly, I'm still waiting for a "Yes" from a PYT whom I met recently. Besides all this, I never want to be a husband and I don't ever need a wife. I'm looking for a friend who can understand me, get along with my crazy ways with life and with whom I can have a lot of fun and share a life time of companionship.

Note: "PYT" means Pretty Young Thing. I remember someone asking me what PYT means. Hence the explanation.


What a lovely dog Tasha is. lovely photo of you 2.Hope you get the "Yes" you're looking forward to.
Thank you so much for your kind,and significant words,also for passing by.
Kaiserin Sisi said…
Not so sure about the marriage proposal thingy... but Tasha is so adorable :-)
Anonymous said…
Wow....crazy stuff. Stick with Tasha for now, untill you get the "yes" your looking for.

Have a great day my friend:)
Joanna Jenkins said…
It always cracks me up when parents think it's their "job" to "marry off" their daughters-- as if their daughters don't have a mind, or plans, of their own!
Great story.
Eva Gallant said…
marriages are still arranged in your country, I take it. Hmmm.. It is a complement that this gentleman wants you as a son-in-law!
4evernite said…
Funny, that you thought your uncle was interested in the 1st mentioned PYT then he hits you with the surprised proposal, as it were. lol. Flattered and flabbergasted at the same time? lol.

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