The song...

I can't help but mention this. I had rather a fun day at my office today. I don't know why, but I felt very light in my heart and head. I guess it was because of that song. I stumbled upon it while browsing the net yesterday night. My God! Life can't be more fulfilling than this. It was my favourite song when I was a kid and after almost 15 long years I happen to listen to it again! I just got transported to my carefree, happy-go-lucky days. I jotted down the lyrics and bi-hearted the whole song and all this at 2'o clock at night. The tune kept playing at my lips the whole while I was in office and I never knew that this song had a certain infectious nature, for I found a couple and one more of my colleagues searching the net for this same song. They kept playing the same song again and again till afternoon. In the process, I got much more familiar with the song. I should say, I got very through with every notes of it and was quite prepared to sing it by myself. And guess what? I send my PYT a message telling her that I just learned a song and am very eager to sing it for her. And as most unexpected, she sends a reply saying that she'd like to listen to me singing. So I call her up by 11.30 at night:-

"Hello", she says.

"Hello", I says.

"What's up?", she says.

"Here I go", I says and starts singing without a warning. She was silent the whole while and I felt very shaky singing to her. It was not as easy as singing in front of my friends or colleagues. There were a thousand butterflies, happily flapping their wings in my stomach and because of that my voice shaked a couple of times in between. Oh mine! Oh mine! There is never a greater joy than this. Ok. Peace. Now, I finished the song and asked her how it was and she exclaims "fantabulous"!!! My heart's elation touches new heights of ecstasy. I felt I'd almost faint and believe me, I held on to my chair to get a balance.

Now, I know I'm acting too funny for my age. But I don't give a damn. Believe me, I JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Also, I haven't forgotten what she told me when I proposed her - "we are only friends and nothing more". So what? Can't I fall in love with my friend? I can. Oh yes. I sure can. Besides, that's exactly what I wanted to be when I proposed her. I wanted to be her friend, a good friend, her best friend, perhaps.

And if she doesn't want to be disturbed, I very well know to keep my limits. I wouldn't push her around or bother her with my "feelings" for her. I can very well stay away and admire her from a distance, can't I? I can. Oh yes, I can! God All Mighty has given me a heart, which is loaded, coated and polished with romance that I can even fall in love with the moon in the sky and romance around with her even when we are miles apart. And my PYT is only a phone call away. So... Why not?

Note: Please excuse my language and the way I have put things. But I'm overwhelmed with a joy so unexplainable. I'm in cloud 9 or perhaps in cloud 999...

My God!

Ah! Gr... Hm! Yeeeha! Wooo...


Steven Anthony said…
Wonderful! You like myself am a man who follows his heart, Bravo my friend! Bravo!

Just wondering the name of the song?
Unknown Mami said…
I could really feel your joy!
4evernite said…
I loved reading this and felt my own self getting infected by your enthusiasm for love and romance and all things good. The music to the song was really soothing though I couldn't understand the lyric-language.

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