I know this sounds crazy but it's true - I'm facing a creativity block! Now, I must laugh at this myself 'coz I've never been so creative all my life. I imagine myself to be creative and that's the last way to be creative. I'm unable to write too. Now, now... You might be wondering what the hell am I doing now? But look at it this way. I've been musing over a story in my head since the past two months and I haven't been able to write even a single sentence of it. I thought it was 'coz I stopped writing down anything physically. But no. That's not true. I do write in my diary once in a while. But the problem is with my language. I can't put down on a piece of paper what I get in my head. Feels as though my thoughts are in a language that I myself can't read but only understand! Now, did that make any sense? Maybe not. That's exactly what I meant. I have certain thoughts in my head and when I try to put it down on a piece of paper or type it down in this blog, the words just disappear or maybe even run away and hide. One reason could be my lack of proper reading. I haven't read anything substantial for ages. I do have a few interesting books on my desk. But my hands just don't pick them. And even if they did, my fingers don't flip through its pages. Even if that's accomplished, my mind registers nothing that's written in there.

Ah! Yes! I think I finally got my answer. For a long time since now, my mind seems to be very much pre-occupied. I notice nothing around me. No sounds register in my ears and even if they did, those electric signals to my brain get cut away somewhere in between. Am I falling prey to some chronic illness? Something like the beginning stage of Alzheimer's? I don't know. All I know is that my attention span is getting reduced day by day and I'm unable to concentrate on anything else but music. Ah! But that's there. I still can listen to music day in and day out and become like the notes of a violin - sensitive, loaded with emotions and feel as thin as the air, or probably even lighter.


Anonymous said…
Music feeds the soul.

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