Sunday In My City - Beach Life

Ok! So here I go. This is my this week's post for 'Sunday In My City'. First of all, thanks to Unknown Mami who introduced such a wonderful concept to me. For people like me who are interested in photography this is a celebration.

I have chosen my favourite weekend spot in my place - the Shangumugham Beach. I have many pleasant memories of this place. This was a regular weekend hangout for my family when my Dad was alive. I still remember playing in the sands with my sister when we were little kids. Anyways... Let me not go into that story now.

To begin with, let me take excuse for my rather long post this is going to be. There are around 34 pics. that I'd posting in this. I thought  of getting only around 10 pics. but ended up taking 40 + pics. Couldn't decide which not to include. So after much thought and re-thoughts here I'm, presenting to you all my favourite weekend hangout in 29 pics.

Kanayi Kunjiraman's 'Nude'
This is one of the first thing anyone would notice on reaching the Shangumugham beach. The sculpture of this 'Nude' women caused quite a controversy in my pretty conservative little town. There were social groups and moral cops who wanted to remove this. But after much heated debates and arguments, the lady was left alone to proudly display her voluptuous nudity to the public.
A few meters away from the 'Nude' you'd find this abstract sculpture of a pair of human legs. Thank God! No objection to this one from any social groups or moral cops! I wonder why no one noticed that this is also a sculpture exposing human nudity.
Indian Coffee House
This was previously a beach resort of the Royalty and was later turned into a restaurant. This has been there since the 1960's I guess and is still a favourite place to get some food in Shangumugham.

To the right is a mobile book exhibition.

Tea and snack stalls.

Pony ride on the beach for Rs. 10.

I was drawn to this singing performance by a group of blind people. The lady's voice was... Aha! I've no words to describe it!

Sand sculpture

And that's the completed work. Cool, isn't it?

A boy selling nylon bags which can be used to put laundry.

Wind pipes and other toys for kids to play around in the beach.

Angel Dolls for sale...

Now, let's move on to the beach. No much descriptions. The pics. are good enough to speak for itself, I guess!
Pic. Above - I got inspired by the sand sculptre and made this. I know, this is just BRILLIANT :) :):)

Now I'll take you to a few things outside the beach.

Yamaha motorcycle promotion.

A Lady selling bangles and stuff.

Plastic flowers for sale.
The Starfish Restaurant

A happy kid and dad in the Children's Park.

Skating classes for kids.
The Trivandrum Central Aerodrome which you can see on climbing a little hillock on the beach side.

A group of friends. (I don't know these people. But they happily posed for me when I asked them whether I can take a snap for a photo feature).
And last but not the least, the Goddess temple by the beach side. I was a regular visitor to this temple when my Dad was alive. We never missed to offer our prayers at this temple when we used to come to this beach.


brainella said…
Gorgeous pictures -- the sculpture is amazing. The beaches where I grew up are nothing compared to this. :)
Anonymous said…
wonderful pics, no wonder you could not just choose 10....Im glad u posted them all. We just had a big sand sculpture competition at our beach here...your pic of the sculpture was amazing.....very cool post.

peace my friend:)
Unknown Mami said…
That was so much fun! I loved seeing all these pictures and felt like you were taking me on a private tour. I like both the sculptures, but particularly the one of the leg. Oh and your sand sculpture is nothing short of brilliant.
Joanna Jenkins said…
I understand why you couldn't choose just ten pictures. These are fabulous. Thanks for the great tour!
And you sculpture is terrific :-)
4evernite said…
Thanks for the photo-tour of your city. Looks like an active and fun place to live, with such interesting things to do and see. Nothing like that here. Is your sand sculpture a whale head? Just wondering. If I'm wrong you can bonk me on the head. lol.
iasa said…
I'm so glad you did this. I really enjoyed the little glimpse of a place i will probably never get to visit.
Brian Miller said…
great pics man. you picked a good blend to give us a multitude of flavors...i like your sculpture as well. looks lik a great sunday.
Kaiserin Sisi said…
Great shots! This place is like a photographer's playground :-) Thanks for sharing.
Sonya said…
Wow what beautiful photos you posted! I love the sculptures and the sand art. The colors of the sand is stunning! Thanks so much for shareing those photos!!
Neva said…
Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the one of the beach at sunset and footprints in the sand. Following :)
Chief said…
thanks for stopping by my bloghouse! I will stick around and see what you've got here!

Your pictures are beautiful!
Your city is very interesting, vivid one.
Your pics FANTASTIC! Sculpture is great!
Thank you :)

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